How come NATO is unwilling to let Ukraine join?

  1. Ukraine needs to develop more and work on its corruption problem. But most importantly is what you're seeing with Russia right now. Ukraine needs to be stronger because if NATO announced letting Ukraine join Russia would invade right this second and overwhelm Ukrainian forces.

  2. What’s preventing a quick induction into NATO is international politics and internal NATO member-state politics. Among the reasons not to allow Ukraine to join is the possibility that accepting Ukraine into NATO would have the opposite effect. Instead of being a deterrent, it could provoke a full scale conflict or deepened hostilities with Russia.

  3. While still not a "good" outcome, as it would be war and result in the deaths of many, the Putin regime is unlikely to be able to survive a war with Ukraine if they actually go through with it. Which is why all this going on is really just posturing in my belief.

  4. Because French and German have their own weird ideas about Russia and Eastern Europe and come up with excuses to not let us. Also because they don't get anything from it, unlike us.

  5. Because if NATO let Ukraine join, Ukraine would immidiately invoke article 5 and drag in the whole NATO alliance, likely escalating the regional conflict into a full-scale war.

  6. I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. This is a genuine concern for some and it presents interesting questions for NATO. I don’t know if a country has ever joined NATO while in active combat with another country. It seems to me if a country joins NATO while at war in some form, the country would quickly trigger Article 5 officially or it would be triggered by default thus making a regional conflict a worldwide war.

  7. Because Russia will not tolerate having a neighbor who is nato member. That’s like opening a can of worms

  8. Russia already borders 5 countries who are in NATO, but I see your point, it doesn’t want NATO incorporating any more ex-Soviet countries

  9. Real answer: Ukraine needs a lot of reforms to be able to join. Fortunately it is taking the necessary steps and eventually will make the necessary reforms.

  10. NATO wishes to respect Russia's border sensitivities but Russia could not keep their hands out of crimea. What you say is conventional geopolitical wisdom but this fall the winds seem to be shifting.

  11. Because Ukraine is in an ongoing war in the Donbass and NATO doesn't want to intervene in that. Ukraine as a country is also risking to drag the world into a Third world war which will benefit no one of they join NATO.

  12. in 2008 wasn't any ongoing wars in Ukraine, but we didn't received MAP. i think the main problem is Germany and less France

  13. I’d love if the western powers had a spine and told Russia to get the fuck out of Ukraine or be sanctioned back to the Stone Age. :(

  14. NATO have ruSSian trojan horses like Orban's Hungary and fuhrer Putler's appeasers like France and Germany, which blocked weapon help to Ukraine

  15. To be honest, this is due one of the shortcomings of democracy. Public opinion are shortsighted to all prices want them self to avoid war and cant understand that its better to have war today on YOUR terms than tomorrow on HIS term. Lets remember that 50% of the population is Women and they are even more mentally incapable of handle this type of issues.

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