Did you raise your prices incrementally or was it big jumps? Having confidence issues but charging hourly seems to alleviate a lot of problems.

  1. If you are a sub contractor $35-$75 is in the range depending what you are doing. If you are working as development house, that's different. In that case most charge somewhere between $125-$225 and hour. Now these aren't one man shows and are located in the us. My firm bills between $150-$200 an hour depending on what is being done. Hope that helps.

  2. So not me, but my wife’s business. For what she does she started low(~40/hr) and as she got more clients she raised her prices for the new clients at a must faster rate than old clients, to the point of doubling/tripling them over the past couple of years(covid helped her business out.) She does still have some long term legacy clients, and explains that ‘now my prices are $xxx but I will discount you by $x.’ The cheaper clients are slowly fading away and newer higher paying clients keep rolling in.

  3. Thanks, that was my theory too. Seems to be going all right so far. Although I'm hoping to raise my rates on existing clients and give them the choice to stay or go lol.

  4. Fully agree with this. Then just keep raising prices until enough of your target audience is saying no because of the rates.

  5. I now charge 2x what I started at. I rarely raise prices on existing clients but I do quote new clients with higher prices and see how it goes. I go up on $5 increments with each new client and now I am at 2x. I am planning to go higher as I haven't gotten any push back yet.

  6. It depends on your skillset, honestly. For someone with hard and soft skills, being able to build well AND optimize for conversions, $100/hr is an absolute minimum.

  7. I'm working towards that, but there's just too many variables and I get overwhelmed. I'll end up underbidding or overbidding, get stressed, not write out the proper scope of work, etc...

  8. Speaking as a dev house here….web dev has a unique pricing option that’s not always available in some disciplines—you can also employ value-based firm bid strategies.

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