As a small/local business owner, I ____ (should/should not) advertise on Nextdoor.

  1. Last I checked, their minimums were fairly high, around $10,000 a month. Imo, that's a pretty high price to test a platform to see if it's going to produce a return. It's been a hot minute since I looked into it, though.

  2. Thanks for your input....honestly may be worth looking into, I saw some super customizable ways to ad for as low as like $50 depending on the geography!

  3. Hi, We as India based Daajyu Innovations are exploring ways through local market ecosystem based approach. The basic premise is that most of the customers in the local market are same for different vendors. From Indian market perspective the solution appears to be in investing through reciprocal coupon based promotional chain. For instance the neighborhood grocery store issues a free coffee coupon to a buyer who shops over a threshold limit and the coffee shop owner honors that coupon, and its the same other way round, as agreed mutually. Point is at the end, the local market ecosystem is investing directly on its customers. As a campaign to revive the hard hit local markets Daajyu Innovations is offering country specific editions of its app Lalaa Ji, which offers direct payments with no commissions on a nominal subscription which is put on hold for the pandemic period. While the app is not a solution for your specific question but under the local market approach it offers a holistic solution to the local markets and neighborhood stores facing the wrath of corona pandemic. Details at daajyu dot app

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