Biden to announce requirement for employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines, impacting over 80 million workers

  1. Question - is this for for like, companies who have over 100 employees overall, or just 100 employees per location?

  2. Uber, DoorDash, and other companies are probably dancing around like, “Haha, jokes on you, we have no employees!”

  3. I’m hoping for 100 employees overall. I’m an HR Director and I absolutely support this. Let’s me tel the board to screw off and now we have to.

  4. Private companies are gonna change their vaccination policies overnight to avoid risk, whether the OSHA guidelines are enforceable or not. Kind of like how all abortion clinics closed overnight in Texas.

  5. Yep - this is Biden giving the corps a green light to go full mandate without any blowback. Now it's on him and the corps won't get "cancelled".

  6. I have my fingers crosssd that my company will finally stop with the "we respect it's a personal choice" nonsense. I wish that this law went as far as removing the option for testing the way it does for federal employees and contractors.

  7. Plus it’s in the company’s interest and this gives them cover. No company wants a Covid outbreak on the manufacturing floor.

  8. Will be real interesting. I work for a large logistics company that has government contracts. They announce last month the new minimum wage company wide is $15 to fall in line with new rules that all companies with government contracts must pay their employees at least $15. They have continuously said they will not do a vaccine mandate. Now we’ll see. Those government contracts bring too much money in on multiple fronts to cancel them and lose to the competition

  9. If you were an able bodied male ages of 17-25 during ww1, ww2, civil war, war of 1812, Vietnam, revolutionary war, civil war, or Korean War, you would be drafted to war over something you had no involvement in whatsoever. Whether you want to storm beaches of normandy on d day or not is irrelevant because thats the only option other than living under Hitler rule. so if you dont want a lethal airborne mutating virus to keep coming around until it kills your neighbors/loved ones while destroying our economy than take the vaccine. And if you dont the gov has the right to force you and ur insurance should should raise premiums given the fact ur stupid and reckless.

  10. Don't forget the accounts that are years old, but went inactive for ages and are now back with entirely different grammar and opinions.

  11. And the account names follow the pattern of: random word, random word, 4 digit number. Like potato-table5429

  12. Their wives are all medical professionals who think it’s overblown and have seen the effects vaccines have had on ICU’s with the side effects 🤣

  13. Dumb kid question: Biden surely has legal authority to mandate that federal employees need to be vaccinated. What legal precedent exists to provide authority to the president to mandate this for private companies?

  14. As i understand it OSHA or more specifically the occupational Saftey and health Act signed by Nixon does have language that includes vaccinations under the health portion and therefore could add vaccination status to their safety requirements.

  15. The department of labor oversees workplace safety, "The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) was passed to prevent workers from being killed or otherwise harmed at work. The law requires employers to provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers."

  16. All states must abide by OSHA rules, so Biden is ordering OSHA to make it a rule that all companies with more than 100 employees must do this. It's completely legal. If there is a precedent I'm not aware of it, but this would set that precedent.

  17. I know you're kind of saying this in jest, but it would make a point about the SCOTUS being dipshits with the Texas abortion ruling.

  18. I love this idea. I know of a person who has falsified covid results for a friend to take a flight. They are even lying about test results

  19. ITT: People reading the headline and not the article — the policy will be mandate either vaccines OR weekly testing. Still a move in the right direction, though.

  20. the reason for that is they probably think it will stand up better to legal challenges that way. the mandate for federal workers has no test out exemption

  21. Testing will be it’s own prohibitive burden. You pay on your own dime. If you miss once your company gets fined $14k and you prob lose a week of work. How many $14k mistakes can someone make and still keep their job? How much extra work can managers snd HR departments take before they start eliminating the problem employees?

  22. Except one of the articles states any healthcare facility receiving medicaid/Medicare requires vaccination. A lot of places besides hospitals get Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement. Let’s see. And who is responsible for paying for weekly testing. Can tell you states didn’t get enough funding to cover all weekly testing. Hell many places are on restricted test supply allocations due to Delta surge.

  23. The biggest thing is the executive order that mandates vaccine with no testing option for all government contractors. That's a LOT of companies, and that's actually a power that the president has. He can't force a private company to mandate anything (but the department of labor could).

  24. Everyone acting like vaccine mandates were invented by Joe Biden. Did you attend public school? Yes? You were required to receive vaccines to attend. This isn't rocket science, it also isn't 1984, it's common sense.

  25. Not just companies. My family moved me to Florida for 2 years of my life when I was a kid. They couldn’t get my vaccine records for some reason. So they had a doctor there give me all the vaccines I needed again.

  26. If it only was 1984, a lot more people were getting their vaccines back then. Partially because the previous generation had to witness the horrors that were the diseases we don't really know today anymore. My great grandmother lost two of her children to polio. Needless to say, when there was an option to get vaccinated, you just went, because dying by slow paralysis and brain inflammation is not a good way to go, and surviving it with severe deformation is also not so good. Today, polio is all but stamped out (very few cases remain). A total of 175 wild cases and 375 vaccine derived infections is all that is left of this.

  27. Some company owned by an anti-vaxxer: "alright, we're gonna have to do layoffs until we're under 100, let's get rid of the vaccinated people first"

  28. That seems incredibly short-sighted. Companies that employ over 100 people don't do it because they want to: they do it because they need that many people to function.

  29. Why do they think Commerce Clause authority to do this stops at 100-employee firms? Some federal rules apply to businesses of 50 or more and some apply to all businesses.

  30. I think that's because the government has created multiple, industry-specific definitions of "small business," in federal regulations. IIRC, the Small Business Administration defines small business sizes using the North American Industrial Classification System, which produces a different 5-ish-digit code for each industry (e.g., logging, computer resellers, coin-operated vending machine repair, etc.). 100 employees is an extremely common definition of a small business across multiple industries and NAICS codes. And it's easier to use an existing definition in a new regulation than to create a new definition out of whole cloth.

  31. Honestly, they probably calculated what percentage of people would need to get vaccinated in order to put us at heard immunity levels, and then figured out what was the highest employee number they could do that would get them there in order to minimize smaller businesses from complaining too loudly that this was an undue burden on them.

  32. It's easier for the feds to monitor the large firms than smaller ones and it creates a large effect, quickly. The large firms will not go for the testing option, it'll just become a vaccine mandate which is the intended effect. You'll quickly have the antivaxxers that want to keep their jobs, get vaccinated. There will be less places they could switch over to so remaining unvaccinated will perhaps not be a winning strategy. Since their beliefs are fluid, many will choose their jobs.

  33. My neighbor had a heart attack the other night and it took the ambulance over 20 minutes to find a hospital that would take him.

  34. It is sad that it took over 600,000 Americans dying and a 5th surge to get to this point, but here we are. Thousands of Americans dead, hospitals in crisis, and now more contagious variant. Let’s get this show on the road so we can get back to “normal”.

  35. My school is a northern blue state school and we are getting 100 students a day with covid. The universitys response? "Hey guys, stop partying. Cut it out. For reals, you guys"

  36. Even sadder, Biden's moves to look out for Americans (removing us from Afghanistan, pushing mandates) makes him less popular. This country is so screwed up.

  37. Yeah, should have already been done, but now it has to be. He's given people enough time to do it voluntarily, and it's also clear, especially with the new strain and time-period for which the vaccine is effective we need even higher percentages of vaccinations to minimize spread than was previously thought.

  38. The local news in Cincinnati just reported on this and all they covered were all of the postal workers who were really upset about this new requirement.

  39. Sure someone already commented this but here’s a reminder that in the US there have already been mandatory vaccinations for everything from employment at public school to military to attendance at public to passport/visa for international travel and on and on. for some reason /s Covid has melted people’s brains to think our response to a deadly and pervasive virus should be any different.

  40. I know two people leaving very well-paid, extremely-nice-benefits cushy jobs because of a vaccine mandate. They think they are going to find other jobs elsewhere "really easily".

  41. I just argued with a patient today, A FELLOW NURSE btw, as to why her oncologist won’t write an exemption letter for her to not get the vaccine. SMH. I’m done with everyone’s excuses and bullshit, especially other healthcare professionals. I’m done with the holier than thou attitude and entitlement of antivaxxers. This extends beyond covid as I work with cancer patients who routinely refute my attempts of education and my years of knowledge. My patience is less than tissue paper thin at this point. I got in to nursing to help people, not to defend why I support and practice altruism.

  42. It truly blows my mind to see so many nurses be anti-vaxx. You went through so many years of schooling and for what?!

  43. One of the most infuriating things about this world that I've had to learn the hard way is that no matter how much you achieve, how many degrees you get, all the recognition and experience you have under your belt, there will always be uneducated dunces with none of those thinking they're super-geniuses and you're just a moron no matter what you do to prove otherwise.

  44. Vaccines OR weekly testing. That second part is really important and is going to be conveniently left out of a lot of headlines (including this Reddit post even though the actual article clarifies that in their headline).

  45. And my company is already said that if you go the weekly testing route you have to pay for it not them. Furthermore, if there's a week where you don't get tested, even if you work remotely, they consider that you're not working so they take it out of your PTO or your salary.

  46. Thats so strange to me because COVID was far and away the cause of the most deaths of on duty police officers in 2020

  47. This is good, HR where I work said they were hesitant to mandate vaccines themselves, because statistically ~7% of unvaccinated workers will quit rather than vaccinate. This mandate will lower that number.

  48. If that's true my employer is FUCKED. we're a manufacturing plant already struggling with huge labor shortages. The last covid update they sent out said 34% of workers are vaccinated. That's with them offering an extra vacation day for showing your vaccine card.

  49. I’m way too tired of the “we don’t want to trigger conservatives” tip toe approach to give two flying fucks what their reaction will be or how many diaper changes Tucker Carlson will need tonight.

  50. They are going to find a way to be outraged no matter what. The important thing is not to let their threats dictate what the rest of our society does.

  51. I like that he points out FOX news has a vaccine mandate. It's gonna make it a bit harder for them to talk shit about it. They still will but the hypocrisy is there.

  52. That’s fine - let’s start shifting the Overton window back to sane. Pandering just let’s them shift it further.

  53. The party that gave us the Patriot Act after 3,000 Americans died from a foreign terrorist attack is now crying about this mandate after using their supporters as domestic terror bio-weapons to kill 600,000+ Americans.

  54. If so many people weren’t anti-vax (fuck autocorrect, I’m not anti-vacuum unless I’m in space without a suit) for the dumbest of possible reasons, this wouldn’t even be necessary.

  55. I'm not American and I work in health. It became mandatory in my organisation to get a vaccine. Workers still consulted with the Union who informed them it was legal for a health organisation to mandate vaccines, and added the moral qualifier of the vulnerable population we work with.

  56. I have to wonder how that'll work with Work From Home being so prevalent? I can't imagine they'll demand weekly tests from folks who live out of state and work from home full time, for example.

  57. That will be interesting. Companies should see mandatory vaccination as the most prudent business decision. Sick/dead employees are less valuable. Even if they are 100% work from home, that doesn’t guarantee that they aren’t putting themselves in other situations where they could get COVID.

  58. I think part of the point is that the logistics of the weekly tests is such a burden that most employers will opt for the mandate.

  59. The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government supremacy over regulation of interstate and foreign commerce. It's likely any company with 100 or more employees engages in or affects interstate commerce. The same authority is the basis of most federal workplace laws and regulations.

  60. Talk is cheap. Their mortgage will arrive next month. Their kids need to be fed. Christmas is coming, those stockings need to be full.

  61. God, thank you! I’m pretty sure at least half of the people I work with are unvaccinated. Not to mention Über drivers.

  62. Fucking good. I’m so sick of these petulant assholes keeping us from moving forward in life. Forcing it seems to be the only way anymore

  63. Grateful for a president with the stones to make hard choices like this. Between this and Afghanistan, I worry about his re-election, but damn what a change to have someone do what’s right regardless of the political backlash.

  64. Biden doesn't need to be reelected. The man is a million years old and clearly exhausted. Let him be the man for this moment, take the necessary heat and we can run someone with a little more vigor and a little less baggage in '24.

  65. The sad part is that any mandate is necessary at all, when it should be..."I don't want to die from this....oh, there's a vaccine that will prevent that?...Gimme!" Followed by a celebration of how far medical science has come in the last 50 years, that it was possible.

  66. I assume they'll have a requirement that employers collect the vaccination/testing data from their employees and submit it to OSHA or another department.

  67. Unfucking believable that it has come to this. There are people dying in Asia and Africa due to the lack of vaccines but selfish motherfuckers here need to be forced.

  68. Trust and believe my stomachs turns every time I hear about wasted vaccines……the shame of some of my countrymen. Sorry not sorry, it’s just unconscionable

  69. I'd been telling my friends and associates that "there is alot more that the Government can do, by law to control the spread of a deadly virus.

  70. Dude, back in the day when there were smallpox outbreaks, they used to have police raids with doctors in tow. They'd give everyone a jab and haul the infected off to quarantine them.

  71. I have to admit, I'm very excited for this. A: more people get vaccinated and thats an obvious win. B: Many people about to quit over a simple vaccine and I'm very hopeful that I may be able to finally, finally find a better paying job

  72. Unfortunately after Tucker Carlson tonight aka Fart Smeller of Death, employers are about to get 100 million “ReLiGIoUs exemptions” request emails that all have the same misspellings.

  73. That's fine, they'll just be furloughed until this is over, like most healthcare systems that mandate a flu vaccine every year. You can decide not to take it, but you can't work here until flu season is over. Same should go for COVID, except no one knows when COVID season/year/decade ends.

  74. Well this already allows weekly testing, so people don’t even need to fake an exemption. Still means more of the “vaccine-lazy” or whatever we’re calling them will get it.

  75. People will be upset. Then they'll get annoyed at having to get tested for the third week in a row and they'll go out and get vaccinated.

  76. Now let’s require all parents who send their kids to school and all people who work with children. I’m sitting here with my 2 year old who caught covid on the the 3rd day of preschool. Im done appeasing insane people.

  77. This isn't government overreach. It's for the safety of everyone. Seatbelts, speed limits, not smoking indoors, even many of your gun laws are for the safety of the people. Some of you act like this is leading to some authoritarian government, which is a huge freaking jump

  78. It’s about time. People need to start taking this seriously or we’re never going to get out of it. First the Supreme Court shut down the eviction moratorium and now there’s no more unemployment assistance available. People have had almost 2 years of assistance just to sit on their ass and not look for jobs. Some have gotten jobs yes but the majority have not. Now people are complaining they have to get a vaccine? Well it’a either you get vaccinated and have a job or you’re out on your ass.

  79. The president is not mandating vaccinations. He is recommending that OSHA add a rule that would. And that agency absolutely has the authority to do so.

  80. Really, enough is enough with the anti-vax bullshit. There have been over 5 billion vaccines administered worldwide. The FDA gave their blessing. WTF are these people waiting for?

  81. I honestly don’t know how people can look at what is happening in our hospitals across our country and not be moved into action? How did the Republican Party turn our democratic system into one big conspiracy? At the rate they are going our country will be ruined by the time our children are out of school and preparing to enter the workforce! I am in disbelief with what is happening in our country right now, where are all of the normal people hiding?

  82. I’m taking a moment here to recognize every one of you here that voted Dem last year. This wouldn’t have happened under you know who, he’d just let the pandemic drag on and humor the crazies for their adulation.

  83. I’ve come to the conclusion at this point that all the anti-vaxxers are simply going to get lucky and survive Covid or die off. Possibly another January 6 insurrection or some type of massive response of anger and rage may be seen for a while, but in the end they’re never going to get the vaccine so we have to stop wasting time interviewing experts and doing specials on Covid hoping to sway their minds. Every time I see Dr. Fauci or anyone trying to tell people to get the vaccine I just wish they would just stop it because it’s pointless now and there’s no going back because Trump and Q anon conspiracy theories & and extremist Christian views have completely brainwashed everyone. My mom is brainwashed by Christian and is frightened of the vaccine and it makes me so angry. But literally nothing I said to her will make her get the vaccine and she’s not working anyway so she’s not going to feel like she needs to.

  84. I work for an auto company. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Am vaccinated. Many of my coworkers are staunchly opposed to getting a shot.

  85. Why are fines against businesses given as specific dollar amounts and not a percentage of gross income? I feel like that is a way to punish all companies equally. Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

  86. Good! I'm high risk of covid killing me, got the vaccine even with the risk. None of my co workers have gotten it at all! We even have $100 incentive to get the shot but no one has done it! It blows my mind it even has to come to this but people just aren't doing there part.

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