I got scammed by credit card fraud, how did citi bank not take my side?

  1. I’m not sure of the exact process but you can appeal the decision. It escalates to Visa or MC after that.

  2. Citi is notoriously bad for siding against consumers. I had a clear case with documentation and they still sided against me. In the end, after lots of hours of complaining, they issued a credit to cover my purchases, and then the merchant ended up refunding me too, but it definitely made me sock-drawer my Citi card.

  3. Probably leaked in a data breach. Either way, just assume all your details are on the dark web and keep an eye out.

  4. If you lost the dispute, go to this website and file a complaint. Citi is regulated by the OCC (comptroller of the currency) and they have a unit to follow up on complaints. It works.

  5. As an e-commerce merchant that has done over 2.5 million in online sales this year, CITI bank customer disputes have been the absolute worst to deal with. We have lost thousands this year due to CITI bank incompetence. We have even been in contact with executives from CITI bank who have straight up lied to us about cases and then ghosted.

  6. Sounds like the response I got from PayPal when I had a fraudulent charge. It was like I was guilty until I could prove I wasn't. I think that's the easiest response for them and screw what's right.

  7. It wasn't from audible. The charge says audible Bronx NY but that's not audibles name on credit card statements. They have no charge on record for me on their website. When Citi investigated the transaction the merchant was some shady scummy website but even so Citi sided with them

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