Quebec to impose a tax on people who are unvaccinated from COVID-19 |

  1. This is unacceptable. Vaccinated or not we are all suffering with incompetent governance. Legault is jumping on the resentment train to deflect attension from a failed healthcare system. Notice the phraising he uses. "them" Us and them. It's deliberate.

  2. For a premier that was initially in hot water for wanting more white French speaking immigrants to making the province less friendly towards English, this tactic of taxing the unvaccinated will probably target more rural populations in Quebec. The same people that probably approved of his previous policies but this is probably going to lose votes in an election year.

  3. I'm all for providing incentive to get vaccinated and disincentive not to get vaccinated, but I can't see this standing up in court, and I also can't see it not going to court.

  4. It’s kinda a slippery slope. Where is s the line? I got my shots and my booster but this is starting to make me question things.

  5. Not sure why you think a court would strike it down. Governments have the ability to impose taxes. Their only limitation is public support and the ability to verify information and collect.

  6. Someone made a post about how Gatineau/Outaouais is completely forgotten by Quebec's government and I agree. He talks about "we need to hire 1000 more health care workers"

  7. I posted this having a pretty good idea of the reaction, however I didn't quite expect this level of fervor. As some of you continue to ratchet up the rhetoric, consider the following:

  8. I should hope that those complaining about the unvaxxed aren't talking about those who don't have proper access to the vaccine, but rather those who have gobbled up conspiracy theories from Facebook and refuse the vax despite plenty of opportunity.

  9. Thank you. It’s becoming even more of a divide between everyone. Everyone needs to come together. Canada has lost its way, and is now becoming little USA. I’m really sad to witness this country go to the dogs.

  10. The unvaccinated are your family friends and neighbours, be kind to them, this is getting worse and worse, open everything and legislate to not be able to close anything ever again amen

  11. CBC's Ottawa Morning show had a guest on to talk about the tax just before 8 o'clock, she was against it and saying it was unethical. But she was objectively wrong about most of what she said. We're not denying healthcare to these people like she implied this was leading to, that was a lie. She said "we don't do this for smokers", when that's a lie. 90% of your smokers costs go to taxes. She was saying we need to further "incentives" when we already have incentivized, its worked up till now!

  12. Since the comments the top comments are overwhelmingly positive, can one person explain to me how this is at all realistic and helpful?

  13. A department? I'd say more it gets rolled into our income taxes come filing time. It's not a fine or a bill, it's a tax. A "health contribution" tax.

  14. If I understand the logic, this is meant to impose an economic cost on unvaccinated, the same way we have heavy taxes in cigarettes. It could be a revenue tool or it could cost money to impose, but more importantly, it’s a tax to influence behaviour. Current manner to influence people to get the shots in other regions have been ads, free tuition, a chance for a million dollars, etc.

  15. Its not about if this is wise. They are betting on support. And up until now they have been getting it. Hopefully by now enough narratives are falling apart that maybe people will begin to see the truth. The truth that the biggest problem we all have is bloated government that fuels all the other problems.

  16. I believe the idea is to make them pay a part of their hospital stay costs, because they could have easily prevented it

  17. Can we put an tax on CAQ voters too? Since they’re also responsible for our crumbling HC system.

  18. This is an infinitely better idea, but since most of the population is vaccinated that means the government would take a big hit financially, and we all know how the government feels about its money.

  19. Does no one find this a tad bid fascist? Like fascist lite. Like it's not fully the government forcing a corporate product onto its citizens but it's really fucking close.

  20. How? They are a huge burden on healthcare resources. Smokers pay a tax for their added cost to the healthcare system. Why not antivaxxers

  21. If you think they crossed a line for imposing heavy taxes on cigarettes, then this is a line crossed.

  22. I'm honestly proud of you Canadians in this comment section for realizing that this isn't right. It feels like here in Massachusetts, anything but "shut up and get the (third) jab" is viewed as anti vax rhetoric. We haven't sunk so low as to have financial fines for the unvaccinated, but mayor Wu has done everything she can to get all unvaccinated fired, banned from restaurants, gyms, and soon to be super markets. Yes you read that right. The unvaccinated here in Massachusetts will eventually be banned from buying food

  23. I'm certainly pro vaccination. But, to play Devil's Advocate, this is a clear Charter violation. However, Section 1 of the Charter may allow for this infringement on Canadian rights. Which, in and on itself, is the admission of infringement of rights.

  24. This pandemic taught me that the swiss cheese of a charter document only exists to make people feel good. We bring people in and make them take a citizenship exam where the study materials gush on and on about our supposed rights. How naive when the first section is a bit about how none of this really applies anyways. Demonstrably justifying anything, in reality, means you have the take the government to court, a lengthy process during which they can continue to flagrantly violate your rights with no recourse.

  25. When people are sufficiently panicked over something, rational or not, they will abandon any principles that they previously held. We’ve seen that throughout history.

  26. My firt gripe with this is the age factor. From what I've seen of the ICU and hospitalization figures in Ontario, it's the older population (50+) of the unvaccinated that need hospitalization. The younger unvaccinated people are fending off the virus mostly without hospitalization.

  27. On your first gripe I would imagine it’s not really the direct costs from young people, but indirect. Like sure the 22 year old will probably be able to deal with COVID relatively easily, but it’s if that person spreads it to other that may not be able to handle it as well. I acknowledge you can still catch and spread COVID, but it is diminished.

  28. This isn’t meant to cover the the entire economic loss of the pandemic. This is meant to subsidize the cost of anti-vaxxers taking up valuable ICU beds.

  29. Umm...hellooo? We are already paying tonnes of taxes. When I pay my taxes I know its going to stuff I wont use, atleast not at this point in life or maybe ever. I'm healthy with no addictions or children, I have a good job and can pay my rent with no assistance, I don't have any disabilities or need a public defender or educational assistant or home health aide. My taxes go to support other Canadians in both avoidable and unavoidable situations, who will use that big chunk of my paycheque to get by a little better in life and hopefully get what they need to make it through to the next sunrise. This is such a crazy move.

  30. The government has been completely incompetent over the past 2 years, nothing they've done has worked so now they're looking for someone to blame

  31. Doesn’t this go against the principles of universal healthcare? Not that I’m surprised Quebec would turn its back on Canadian values. Do people actually agree with this?

  32. Suggestion to Quebecers... force Legault to resign. This is a 90 degree vertical slope he is about to plunge down. Creating extremely tribalistic taxes to hide the fact they failed the health care industry for going on 3 years now.

  33. What about vaxed smokers? Smoking and having a respiratory virus can’t be good in the hospitals either, considering all the breakthrough cases

  34. Isn't this double dipping ? We already pay tax that goes towards Healthcare system. My concern is what path does this lead down to. Hijab tax? Minority tax? Working in French sector as a English speaker tax?

  35. Great news! Hopefully some of the money collected can be allocated as bonuses for frontline healthcare workers

  36. I predict an uptick in people seeking exemptions. Also, why make otherwise healthy people who isolate effectively pay for the mistakes of everyone else? If this is really about clogging the hospitals, they could just add the tax amount as a hospitalization fee.

  37. Serious question, how in the world would this be enforced in a way that doesn't make the problem worse than it already is?

  38. Im vaccinated my choice dont try poke me with a needle without my consent . All politicians are desperate to be seen as trying to do something soon it will be a quarantine order issued to unvaccinated. We will lose the freedoms we never had.

  39. Rather than spending energy taxing the people who are not comfortable with getting a vaccination that that doesn’t appear to work despite the crap they tell us, the government should look at themselves. All the money spent on this pandemic and what lasting things do we have. No hospitals build, more surgeries cancelled, children depressed and losing education time. So many problems all caused by government policies which we will pay for in the years to come. Billions of dollars spent and nothing lasting to show for it except a government who continuously blames others for their own ineffectiveness. Follow the money folks, where is it all gone.

  40. Meanwhile in Ontario, the premier is doing absolutely fuck all to curb the major impact antivaxxers are having. Likely because his own daughter is one of them

  41. Something tells me they won’t actually do it, it’s just another maneuver to get people vaccinated.

  42. Will the unvaccinated get all their rights back after paying the tax? No more masks, unlimited gatherings, no PCR tests required for travelling etc?

  43. The rights guaranteed by Section 7 (life, liberty, security - the last of which is what bodily autonomy falls into), have some fairly stringent limitations on what they actually protect written right in the text - on top of the Section 1 limitations that apply to all rights and allow reasonable limitations in response to pressing concerns (which is a test the vast majority of covid measures pass with flying colors).

  44. I wonder how many of yall would be up in arms if this tax was put on smokers for higher healthcare costs. Or on obese people for my healthcare resources being used. Same principle really.

  45. Who knows? At some point if you're shunned out of society, aren't allowed to work, can't afford to live let alone pay fines, what's left? Jail? Particicution?

  46. When do we start charging a Fat Tax for those in the hospital for the poor decisions they've made their whole life? Nobody's shoving that cholesterol into you!

  47. In that case we should tax smokers, alcoholics, obese folks, drug abusers who overdose, etc. since they’re ruining their health quickly from their own choices and taking up space in hospitals and doctor's offices.

  48. It's easy to tax something people do or buy. It's entirely different to tax them for something they don't do. It sets some bad precedents.

  49. As much as I wanted to react to all the authoritarian dickwads agreeing with the tax with insanely flawed logic, I'm incredibly impressed and heart-warmed by the intelligent responses. Thank you to everyone who leaned on their guts and inherent logic for their responses in that this tax is the stupidest and most divisive fucking thing of all time and this country is going down the fucking shitter. Appreciate y'all fr. - immigrant Montreal resident who is trying to leave this god forsaken country ASAP

  50. Good luck man. Vaxxed or not, that's not the problem, the obvious authoritarian pattern that's taken place is enough reason to leave. Sorry you have to deal with that, I really am. I couldn't imagine being pushed out of my home because of the writing on the wall.

  51. I’m sure people will be dumb enough to silently allow this. At this point, just wait anxiously for the day you pay a tax to breathe air... And they still make you wear a mask.

  52. Excellent. Legault is a tool but at least he’s doing stuff unless Ford. The SAQ and cannabis store vaccination passport requirement caused first dose appointments to quadruple

  53. That’s great start. What’s next?Tax obesity and dangerous sport activities like mountain bikes, skis and hockey?

  54. And where does this end? Smokers? Substance abusers? Sedentary people? (Insert any other number of activities here). And while none of those behaviours are contagious they are still health risks that often lead to people requiring more care. We can not be proud of universal health care and be in favour of body autonomy and think that this is a good idea.

  55. What happens if you don’t pay? Serious question. Will they hit you with more fees? Jail time? Toss you in to isolation camps?

  56. It's the other way around. They know who's vaccinated because it's tied to your health card.. which makes sense

  57. Newsflash: all provinces do. Your vaccination record is tied to your healthcare card. You’d know this if you had gotten vaccinated. Ontario knows how many shots you have and issues a QR code… don’t pretend like this is unique or news

  58. Makes me want to not get the shot even more. With lunatics like this shillig for the pharma. GET FUCKED.

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