THT in his last 8 games is averaging 6 points on 30% from the field & 10% from three. When is Vogel gonna man up and bench him?

  1. He has disappeared since I exposed him for having no basketball knowledge when he couldn't answer my question about the Horns set the Lakers run and just replied with some regurgitated Lebron rhetoric.

  2. You can't read dog. Nowhere does it say he is already better than Russ, youre salty about being wrong about Lebron returning. Now your wrong twice, learn to read. Maybe read the post.. " I see him becoming better than Westbrook maybe this is why pelinka didnt want to trade him." Read those quotes analyze with all of your intellect does BECOME mean "already better" clown? LOOOL Lebron cant return 2 days later after a negative test duhrr brbrbrr hahahahahaa

  3. And the way he's hounding opposing players so far this season, and NBA leader in steals at the moment. Will probably be named in All-NBA defensive teams.

  4. I don’t even think he deserves bench mins the way he’s playing. Average defender and all he does on offense is dribble for 10+ seconds & then put up a tunnel vision layup.

  5. And to think we could have kept Caruso. Hope the $10m or whatever luxury tax was worth putting the championship on the brink, Jeannie you sexy babe

  6. Feel the same exact way. Reaves isn’t good but he’s a smart player that will play hard even though he’s limited with athleticism.

  7. I hated that reaves only got to play on the final seconds of each quarter. The rook was the most active on defense all game and you barely let hin play.

  8. FO doesnt want to get embarrassed by having to bench THT and DJ. Could've had Caruso or another wing on the team instead. Every year we get burned by some galaxy brain move that the FO does like Drummond last year

  9. I was never a THT guy. I’m not rooting for him to fail or anything, besides he already got his contract, I’m just not a fan of his game. He was NEVER better than Kuzma, trading him for Lowry made sense and I would much rather keep Caruso. The numbers don’t really matter, his game doesn’t fit the team. He can’t shoot, can’t defend and isn’t a good wing. So there was no point keeping him in the first place. Also, no exaggeration but he probably has one of the worst ball IQs in the league.

  10. I never understood it. The thing is that it wasn't Lakers fans who overhyped him - it was the Lakers front office and FOs around the league that were speaking highly of someone who had no upsides besides his length and a few good meaningless scoring nights. What a bizarre phenomenon the THT project has been so far.

  11. What must be going through Pelinka and Jeanie’s head for making such a stupid ass mistake? We fucken suck. I’m so pissed off man like holy shit. THT needs to get benched like Kemba Walker did.

  12. His first three games almost sold me, this stretch has reminded me why I always thought he was trash. Clumsy asf, can’t shoot for shit, he seemingly makes every shot harder for himself with stupid step backs and fade aways. He is defense is also very horrible, stupid fouls every possession. Just a horrible player

  13. And people downvoted me for saying that THT is a scrub because this sub Reddit honestly thinks he has superstar potential

  14. I’m convinced most of this sub is delusional. As if THT and Avery Bradley are gonna take us over the hump L OH fucking L

  15. THT is our worst player game after game. I never believed the hype and I'll never wrap my head around the decision to give him the contract that Caruso earned.

  16. There's only 2 explanations, either they think he will either flip a swirch and become good or they don't wanna look stupid for giving the bag to a guy that gets benched

  17. we trryna win now, but yet we are giving a 20 year old who is still tryna figure out his role, let alone his game 28 minutes?? Vogel is crazy

  18. Trada him for a decent 2-way player or a 3-and-D specialist. Hmm they seem to describe KCP and AC...

  19. Trash homers the past 2 years: "Future superstar and better than caruso. Anyone who disagrees is a fake fan and also trust in Rob!"

  20. Never believed the THT hype. People in general always see guys with length and think they're going to be something special but 95% of those types of players turn out to be journeymen or absolutely useless. Not saying THT will fall into either category, but he was never proven and his upsides were way overhyped. He's long and has a weird layup package, he hasn't made a single improvement since joining the team and given the structure of the roster/offense I don't see him developing much.

  21. Happy THT is getting flamed now. Been calling his bum-ass ever since his overrated preseason debut last year, and been getting downvoted. Ya'll convince this man a future superstar FOH.

  22. Vogel needs to go imo. The last two seasons, his rotation choices have been straight up awful. His inability to call the right plays in the clutch is also very frustrating. Just look at this team, the depth & experience is ridiculous! Yet we'll be fighting for a play-in spot if we keep going like this. Prove me wrong

  23. The numbers don't even matter tbh. His profile isn't close to what you want with the starting lineup. You want a high margin 3&D player - Reaves fits that, Bazemore fits that much closer than THT, and Ellington as well

  24. Keeping a project with “potential” like him over Caruso who can have immediate impact in a win-now Lebron AD window made zero sense.

  25. i think while THT has potential to be a good player, the people who act like he’s some future all star/star player lock need to explain what they see. if he wasn’t in a Laker jersey, you wouldn’t be as high on him. i like him but i’d be trying to trade him for someone who fits and if he grows into a star player then good on him. but he doesn’t fit unfortunately

  26. It’s not fair to Baze to get benched like that and have different response to THT. Do what’s best for the team & stop playing politics. THT’s current play is hurting us.

  27. This isn't hindsight. this was dumb from the start. THT wasn't even that good of a defender and now he's supposed to guard wings? just having a long wingspan won't instantly make him Kawhi.

  28. That not what hindsight is. People were in denial about how obviously sketchy this squad was on paper from the get go.

  29. I have so much shit to say but I'll just say that Vogel deserves to be fired. I've used every excuse in the book for Vogel but these losses are 100% avoidable

  30. He needs to be out of this team’s rotation or out of this team completely in a trade. We can’t afford to spend 30 minutes a night trying to cater to this guy when we already have 3 stars we are trying to gel in a new system.

  31. We would lost lost Lowry this off season anyway. We wouldn't have gotten much further last year with injured lebron and AD anyway.

  32. Some jackasses here actually think this guy has star potential. We'll be lucky if he develops into ok bench player.

  33. ngl i really thought he was what the Lakers thought about him in the 1st 3 games he played

  34. I really dont know why he is so hyped up in here. I wish he becomes good tho but right now I dont see how he contributes

  35. We need to make a trade. Not sure if it’ll be tht or some other package of players but the team as currently constructed doesn’t seem to have the right balance of what a championship team needs. Besides we rank low it most major categories. Something needs to change.

  36. Why does the Lakers make more political decisions instead of "We're trying to win" decisions? Every year we're argueing team politics to the detriment of the entire team.

  37. Every time our team loses you will post stats of whoever's struggling and proceed to trash them. Why is that? Why this need to single out a player and dump your negative energy on them?

  38. Come on, man. It's been 8 games straight of him being our worst player and tonight he started and still had a horrible performance. This thread is long overdue.

  39. Imagine being a fan of the lakers, getting a wish, a choosing to wish for tht to do poorly. Do you even want the lakers to do well, because it seems like you rather they suck just so you can say told you so

  40. Not THT’s fault. I just grabbed him from the WW and as expected, Fantasy Gods are very spiteful towards me. Sorry THT. Sorry Lakers Fam.

  41. Thanks Rockin Reishi, er mushroom man. Is he an ig freak like kuz, and not practicing. Maybe a trip to smoothie center will fix his game, away from the La lights

  42. 95% free throw shooter…frank just don’t know how to use him. If it was me I’d bring in THT off the bench just to get the opp into foul trouble. Once he sees the ball go in it’s a wrap.

  43. It hurts to watch Talentless Horton-Tucker drag the team down with low-IQ shit while we see AC now leading the NBA in steals.

  44. THT would probably average 20 a game for any other team but for some reason nobody in a LA uniform can shoot the ball at all.

  45. Lakers need Monk, THT, and Nunn are do it all young guys. When one is playing well it should be enough, when two or three are playing well we are unbeatable. Any update on Nunn?!

  46. Dude is in a slump and our team has serious chemistry issues. Not sure who is really comfortable on the team. Gotta give guys time. He's 2 for 19 from 3 in his last 8 games. Pretty sure that's going to improve.

  47. Every time he gets the ball you know he’s gonna drive pump fake, stop on his pivot, reverse directions, get locked up by defending man, n dish some fucked up pass. Or pull up a weird ass “Gumby” like shot from 3

  48. I think we can all agree Vogel is not coaching this team very well. It’s not hard to see what we should be doing.

  49. Idk why any one thought those first couple games were real. Lots of those hoops were made during garbage time or were just during the course of a blowout.

  50. Im disappointed in the front office for letting Caruso go. Also Frank Vogel does not understand defense and how to coach it anymore

  51. Those are bad shooting numbers but I think the larger problem is the roster. We have small guards who are not defensive-minded. No more Danny Green or AC or KCP or Javale. The fact that we con no longer get defensive stops is the problem. And the fact that our role players aren't defensive players is an issue.

  52. People are in denial about ou overall team. If THT was replaced by someone better we might have 2 more wins this season lol wow amazing. He is playing poorly but don't act like getting rid of him will help our season much

  53. THT just doesn’t fit on this team. We already have LeBron and Russ to pressure the rim. We need to trade him for a true 3 and D wing player. Hopefully the pacers get into full rebuild mode and trade Justin holiday. I’d take Terrence Ross as well

  54. Y’all mofos picked this mofo over kuzma smh. Y’all abandoned someone who was developing nicely into a role player for a player who has yet to develop (on a team that is terrible in developing players). There’s a reason role players tend to shine brighter when they leave the lakers.

  55. THT is gonna be a good player in his prime and should be in the rotation, but he’s a project rn. He’s running into the Kyle kuzma problem. Young players, especially late 1st/early 2nd round players aren’t usually ready to contribute to a championship immediately, especially primary ball handler types. Caruso played for the lakers/southbay for a couple years before the championship run and he was a 4 year college player. Kuzma was a 4 year too and played for 3 years before the run. He has defensive potential, he’s not a stopper already. And nobody needs him handling the ball with Russ and lebron on the court. These lineups without shooting are the reason we keep having to come back every game. If you’re playing Dwight in the starting lineup you need Ellington or monk next to Russ. End of discussion. Russ isn’t the best defender ever, but you he’s around talen’s size anyway. They can literally put Russ on whoever they want THT to guard and go from there.

  56. He’s not THE problem but he is A problem. We should be above .500 regardless of how well THT plays but we’d also be above .500 if THT was playing better. Goes both ways

  57. Sometimes tht plays way above what's expected of him and it can be exciting to see him do what he does at a young age. Shows he may be good for our future. These last 8 games obviously don't show that. I feel like we should be keeping him and developing him at this point. If we let him go he may become a problem for us on another team. We've seen this before. Especially since most of our team is on one year contracts. I say if he isn't GOOD and ready in 2 seasons, get rid of him.

  58. His role constantly been changing plus its only been a short while he shouldn't be starting unless Bron is out. But I feel that he needs a consistent role. Expecting hiim to be a star is dumb especially when he 21 on a team full of HOFs. THT should be coming otb I think thats a better role.

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