Position information

  1. Hey, can you find an easier way to switch from pool-x back to main/trading accounts on desktop. The asset Details tab in the main account should mirror the pool-X Asset details tab.

  2. You are not wrong. They need to include this. It makes me want to basically use the bots to trade since it at least shows a P & L. I’ve resorted to my own excel spreadsheets lol

  3. I’ve been using coinstats, able to link KuCoin with api. It shows portfolio with open positions, profit/lose, etc. I would much prefer to see on KuCoin. So this is my recommendation hopefully useful. On the trading page, bottom left tabs with orders, add a positions tab. Include all open positions, with token amount, current price, avg entry price, p/l %. And then I would add the same info to the asset/account overviews.

  4. You sir (whatever you prefer) are a beautiful person. Been thinking about posting some suggestions on here or messaging the ceo directly since he’s on the page. I think if anything it would encourage margin use because folk would feel a bit more comfortable. It’s not in kucoin’s best interest for people to have the lack of information available contribute to having a really bad experience. People who lose big and can’t easily tell definitely don’t come back, and they are loud on the way out.

  5. Agree. Position information would be such a helpful addition. It is the main thing that keeps me holding crypto on multiple platforms.

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