French far-right pundit Eric Zemmour announces presidential bid

  1. I think in a few decades the wealth disparity will become too large to ignore and (whatever it will be called) a lot of leftist ideas will suddenly come back.

  2. Do we have a picture of madame Le Pen in the moment the candidacy was announced? I bet she is thrilled by the prospect of getting in third place lol

  3. Pretty much guarantees a second mandate for Macron and could precipitate a collapse of Le Pen’s RN party in the next couple of years.

  4. You're failing to take into account France's electoral system. Splitting the far right vote makes it easier for a right-wing/centre-right candidate to get into the second round against Macron. Macron will have a harder job beating them than a far right candidate

  5. After Trump’s/Bolsanaro’s/Duterte’s victory I’d like to think we’ve stopped being so cavalier about fast-talking populists, but hey, let’s hope you’re right!

  6. So naive lol, this is what they said about trump in 2016 and he had much lower chances of winning around the same time.

  7. I've been saying this all the time. Zemmour is actually an agent integrated into the election by Macron to disrupt the Le Pen voters.

  8. Yeah, and the dude who pointed a sniper rifle point blank at a journalist in a defense convention and asked him if he was feeling so cocky now.

  9. She's still young, this helps her in the long run. France is sliding to the right more and more and he's just making it happen faster.

  10. No official program to speak off, but this is so far his proposals (it's not a long read as most of his proposals are related to immigration):

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he in the process of divorce anyway? If so - what's the problem?

  12. Just watched his presidential video clip. Huge 1933 vibe. 5 minutes of arabs and blacks beating up people on the street and fighting with police, followed by 3 minutes of listing every french hero, and then about 2-3 minutes of white people smiling, looking nice and gentle while eating camembert. All this with Zemmour imitating De Gaulle’s June 18th speech. He mentionned the words "replacement" "colonization" and "exiled in your own country" more than once. I think he’s the most obvious wannabe fascist France has ever seen.

  13. He suggests that we go back to the "France of Joan of Arc". At least he's honest. He wants to bring us back to the middle age. I wish I could forget this clip.

  14. No, the 1933 vibe would have him ranting about jews and italians (the ones that were replacing us and polluting our blood then), and maybe socialists. Muslims and Blacks were nice people we were civilizing at the time.

  15. The ability for Hate, demagogy and violence are not depended on heritage. Its a universally human i am afraid.

  16. I really hope that genetic advances don’t lead to large scale ancestry becoming relevant once again. We need to be prepared for genetic affirmative action to prevent racism from raising its head in such a situation.

  17. Probably the furthest right wing politician in western countries in this recent years, Trump is an NGO philanthropist compared to him.

  18. It's a very traditional French far right wing mix of outlining very existing problems, then suggesting over the top measures to "solve" them, fighting idiotic personal windmills (in this case, almost literally, as he wants to stop installing wind turbines), and actually coming up with decent ideas.

  19. I'm split between upvoting because I heard the news from here, and downvoting because I heard the news here.

  20. I think there is always a real risk of looking at the last prick to pull a populist+nationalist position and hark back toward greatness, and assume that linking them, and attacking them in the same way will be effective. I doubt it will in this case, Zemmour is a lot of things, but he isn't Trump. On the plus side, at least at this point he doesn't have anywhere near the sort of support Trump had (or amazingly, seems to continue to have) in the US, but still.

  21. He will be France's doom if he ever gets anywhere close to power. He's a moron with 0 knowledge in economics, geopolitics, world trade, engeneering, IT and technology, climate crisis... he's just a cliché 50's France nostalgic, Napoléon groupie.

  22. Zemmours ideas are fundamentally incompatible with the french constitution and the legal principals of the enlightenment. Followed to their logical conclusion they would result at best in civil war. More likely in bloodshed, ethnic cleansing and the end of free democracy. Men like him remind us that "never again" is not just a hollow phrase, but a duty that must be fullfilled.

  23. Rather the opposite, he opposes those who France has welcomed but who don't support the core French values that came with the enlightenment but instead prefer Sharia law.

  24. The simple prospect that European economic and social models can only exist with an overwhelmingly European population opens the door to racism, genocide, and war. It must never be allowed to be true; even affirmative action via genetic engineering is less dangerous for global stability.

  25. I saw him suddenly acting different/calm. It’s PR with his images at the psg games and new interviews . It blows my mind when people eat this up ? With a straight face some will say “but I like his policies (despite years of showing his character)“. Right, these guys make sudden promises to get elected and keep them as we all know

  26. The dude advocates for a return to tradition but doesn't even know the meaning of the gestures he makes. Typical I guess.

  27. No it split the extreme right votes, according to the french system it decreases the chances of extreme right going to the second turn.

  28. I didn't watch it but I heard that the whole video is a mess : loud music, bad editing and best of all, a copyright strike.

  29. Le plus beau discours politique de ces 30 dernières années. Je pense que c'est la 1ère foi que j'ai été ému en écoutant un politicien.

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