What's your opinion about free refunds?

  1. A lot of e-commerce sites I’ve worked with offer free exchanges, maybe “just pay shipping”. So you could consider that route in regards to the misfits. As for something being wrong (garment is torn, print is crooked, seam is bad) most offer to send out a replacement free of charge and tell the customer to either donate, throw away or just keep. Pictures are usually requested during the customer service inquiry for the damaged garment. But from both of these practices I’ve seen many e-commerce stores handle upset customers without social media backlash.

  2. That is very good to know. Yes, I think that's a very sound way to handle refunds and I will incorporate your advice into my policy. Thanks for taking your time to share!

  3. That is very helpful, and thanks for sharing. It actually helps to know about what % of orders get return/refund requests. From your experience, I guess I don't need to worry too much about refund requests, as long as I make a sizing chart very visible and work with a quality supplier. That cleared up a lot. Thank you!

  4. "Free returns" could simply mean no restocking fees. It's a pretty vague phrase, tbh, but it does help with conversions. My official policy is that returns are free, but customer has to get the product to us... But I often cover return shipping so the customer feels like I went above and beyond to take care of them. It has won me a lot of repeat business.

  5. That's actually a pretty good idea. The best business is always something that exceeds expectations, I guess. I'll take that into consideration. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

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