Has anyone ever negotiated shipping discounts with carriers like UPS or FedEx? I am shipping over 100 parcels daily and would like to know if there’s any tips to get higher discount rate.

  1. Call UPS and ask to speak with a sales rep. With 100 pkgs a day you should be contacted by the local rep (they are not all local though due to Covid). You should definitely be able to negotiate some competitive rates with that volume. If your other comment is true and you might ship 50+ on a particular day them it is good to have a rep in contact. They can arrange larger volume pickups with the local center or get you in touch with a driver supervisor.

  2. You are amazing! Driver supervisor is the one I need. I didn’t know who to reach out for for the pick up issue, especially the first time I was sending out 80 luggages and the call center rep told me this belongs to the small parcel group pick up 🥲🥲🥲. And then the UPS van and can’t even fit 5 luggages in. It was hassle for me to communicate with the call center reps cuz they don’t know much. Thanks so much for your time explaining this in details and it has helped me a lot.

  3. You should be able to reach out to your rep and tell them you're going to need better rates. In my experience, they've both been pretty easy to negotiate with, but you might not get better UPS rates than Shipstation until you hit a little higher volume. If you aren't already using shipstation, you definitely should check it out to see if the rates would be better through them. Essentially, shipstation is just buying postage for the three major carriers, but they have discounted rates regardless of volume.

  4. You are fking amazing! This is extremely helpful boss and I’ll definitely check them out. I also found that we are assigned to an account manager when we start shipping high volumes?

  5. You should be able to negotiate decent rates once your daily pickups are over $200/day, which is only about 50 or so.

  6. At 100 packages a day I'm surprised your reps haven't contacted you about negotiating rates. I do less than 100 a day, though mine are all ridiculously heavy and therefore expensive, and my reps show up at my office with donuts and whatnot. I'm pretty sure my rates are better than shipstation for some weights.

  7. Oh I see, so basically they took initiative to contact you for better rates, did the reps come from the nearby distribution center? I am currently shipping small parcels from the warehouse as a new business maybe that’s why they have not contacted me yet.

  8. We sell on Amazom too and went through the exact same situation with small vans and hand loading 100+ packages everyday. As other people said you have to get a hold of your sales rep. I'd also speak to Fedex and get their discounts in order to pit it against UPS.

  9. You are the best! thanks for that information. Did you have to contact local distribution center to get the proper truck? It was such a hassle to explain my need to the reps and the UPS driver was the one ended up helping me with getting a bigger truck. Trailer is what I am looking for as well!! Thanks for the great tips boss

  10. As others have said there are options for UPS Mail Innovations, Fedex Smart Post, and DHL ecommerce. They have similar delivery times to the ground options but offer significant savings. All of those are very willing to negotiate if you have some volume and depending on your location and how close it is to their hubs.

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