Successful AliExpress Drop-shipping store owners? Do they exist?

  1. Yes we stated drop shipping and moved to an agent, made about 5k profit a month before changing to a different role within e-commerce. Drop shipping is possible but it’s kind of a lazy surface level of dtc ecommerce, in that it’s not a sustainable business model. It might be worth getting a job at a small team and learning how it’s done at a higher level before starting to build a whole business from scratch.

  2. I sold $2.5+ million this year drop shipping Ali. Margins weren’t great, but I still profited around $450-$500k

  3. That’s amazing. I’m curious, do your customers have a problem with the long shipping times or have you found products that ship quickly? And have you had supply chain issues this past year?

  4. Yes, but it's rare, and AliExpress dropshipping is a horrible way to go. With US suppliers, you can be profitable, but it's a ton of work and might take a while. Margins are just too low.

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