Why/how do so many people use Ali Express for their dropshipping business if delivery times are so long?

  1. People who dropship from AliExpress are generally not making money. That's why there are so many gurus who realized they'd make a lot more if they sold courses on AliExpress dropshipping. There are precious few who can dropship from AliExpress successfully/profitably.

  2. Dropshipping from China is not a long term business strategy. I would assume post people who are doing this are either 1. testing out the market for a product before bringing inventory in house, 2. trying to build up their stats so they can call themselves a guru and sell courses, 3. have no idea what their profit margins are and will go out of business once they realize they're losing more than they're making

  3. Yeah it’s not truly practical. Amazon has all of it for cheaper- those vendors already brought a boat of merchandise from alibaba instead

  4. This. I want to stsrt selling on amazon but waiting for account to get verified. Then I tried ebay and got instantly permabanned wtf.

  5. Sell to straight up stupid people. Rely on FB machine learning to get better and better at finding said stupid people over time. Work out special arrangement with Ali supplier for faster shipping times once you have a decent relationship. 6-12 days is possible to US.

  6. One of three options- 1. They have built into their website some sort of justification for lengthy delivery times 2. They obscure the delivery time estimates and rely on less observant customers 3. They took a course and have high hopes, but never sell a damn thing. Most choose option 3.

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