Did anyone switch away from Shopify and why?

  1. I've never used Shopify but have heard people complain about the apps situation, that it'd be nice to not have to setup/pay monthly for apps just to get some basic stuff working. Is this a huge deal in your opinion? I used Wordpress in the past and didn't like spending my time dealing with the plugins.

  2. Great platform if you don’t need to make the site look special or rely on landing pages. The page builders are so so so terribly clunky and limited that I’ve paid for a $230 theme for every store launch I did last year (about 6 of them) - and even that theme requires some coding fiddling to use.

  3. Fwiw the new “2.0” themes (at this time I think there’s only Dawn) are dope. A lot easier to customize, apps can now directly be integrated, supposedly faster as well.

  4. I opted for BigCommerce over Shopify. I didn’t want to be tied to Shopify Payment and it offers transactional multi currency on the basic plan which was a big plus for me. They cost about the same and to be honest BC although not as popular as Shopify does everything you need and has more included in the basic plan.

  5. Started with Shopify, and it was good , simple & easy. But they have a term that states they can close your shop anytime they want, and that happened to me twice, while running ads. Contacted the support team to know why it was closed, they said " Sorry we can't tell you ". WTF !!!!! Kinda answer is that. I have started with Woocommerce and NEVER went back, you have the freedom to customize EVERYTHING. I absolutely Love it. It is BLAZING FAST. All my stores load under 2s ( and I have like 60 products there , with a lot of reviews ) Granted you need some coding knowledge but everything is googalable. One good thing I miss about Shopify, is stats, but Google Analytics is a good alternative as well.

  6. Who do you use for hosting? Also can you say which theme you’re using? I added Woo commerce to one of my sites and it’s a huge pain when they push updates. Had my site go down twice when trying to update my plugins and Woo. Really frustrating.

  7. But Shopify provide super fast CDN, endless scaling of traffic with no limitations, international pricing, safety of being hacked, very good support, and so many more features that you need to really know wheat you’re doing with Wordpress/woo commerce. That 2% extra ends up being the same as WooCommerce and just as woth it.

  8. This is pretty much my opinion. Are there alternatives? Sure. BigCommerce, Wix, Magento, SquareSpace, Big Cartel, WooCommerce...

  9. I got out of the game a couple years ago but I used Shopify for the entire time I was selling online. I also uploaded to redbubble but the margins are far lower, thats really only an option for print on demand and you have to advertise anyway to get traffic so you may as well make more money on Shopify. I never personally had any issues with shopify.

  10. The debate is trivial. Just look at what some of the top stores like Fashion Nova, Gymshark, etc use. There is a reason.

  11. I upvoted you because I agree, but the man just wants some opinions before he makes a relatively large time commitment lol

  12. You could always start on Shopify then pay the cost to change to Woo later. Woo is free but you’ll really want to pay someone to learn it from the sounds of it. If you save $3,000 on fees a year by using Woo then you can pay $3,000 a year for someone to make the site and keeping it functional and well designed. Invest even more, at the end of the day you own your own Woo site and can control anything you want. With Shopify you are basically subscribing to their system and if you leave then you own nothing.

  13. In the last year life has gotten more challenging (hasn’t it for everyone tho). I moved from Shopify to Woocommerce because I wanted to pay less per month/more control of stuff. But then it became less about my shop and more about how to maintain and protect my install and I just got tired. Moved from woo to big cartel and you know what, it works for me.

  14. I only used Shopify and now fully loving woo commerce - if you need a dev to help set up your site (either platform) let me know . I got a really talented freelancer based in Eu who will do it for 100 euros depending on the scope of work

  15. The problem with shopify is that anyone who has any knowledge of e-commerce will immediately know that you are making use of Shopify and associate your web store with cheap Chinese trash

  16. Yes but what percentage of the general population would fall into that category? Not many. The average person barely knows what a web browser is.

  17. I used Miva Merchant for many years before switching to Shopify and I must admit that Miva comes with far more functionality right out of the box and doesn’t require anywhere near as many apps. Unfortunately Miva is fading out fast as most people seem to be using Shopify these days.

  18. I have always used Woocommerce and have never understood why any legitimate business would use a platform like Shopify. I’m old school I guess, I like to have full control.

  19. Depends on what you wanna do. If you get into CLV, RFM territory and you want tight integrations with marketing automation tooling, research the eco system. You will find that the ease of integration and vendor options are huge and uncomparable to any other vendor at this point in time.

  20. I work with large brands in the e-commerce space and have for 10 years. IMO shopify is a poorly executed platform that is just hobbled together with tape and twine.

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