What's after stripe?

  1. Stripe is one of if not the most reliable online processor. They power some of the largest companies in the world, I wouldn't worry about scaling with them.

  2. I think it's the most reliable of the all the online payment gateway options. But have had minor issues before and have heard of people having things happen that are crippling to any business.

  3. 2 issues with Stripe stand out to me. When an overseas customer tries to make a payment and Stripe won't let them, because they're overseas. They get a generic error and a failed payment attempt. It's well documented and the only "fix" is to ask my customer to call their card issuer and "white list" the transaction. Happens frequently for me and the one time the customer was asked to call their card issuer, they ended up on the phone for hours with no luck. Embarrassing. We ended up discounting their invoice for the trouble they had. When this happens I fall back on PayPal and I don't trust them at all.

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