1. Just have to run more ads. 10-12k/month is very low and I doubt you hit any sort of ceiling. Once you truly hit a ceiling with FB Ads add another marketing channel such as Google. When you hit the ceiling on that add another one snapchat for example.

  2. What are common margins for spending $12k+ a month on FB ads? I manufacture products and also work for a brick and mortar company with online sales. So different then dropshipping, but we barely do any PPC. The thought of spending $10k/mo seems really scary if we don't know what our return would be.

  3. Are you doing email marketing? You should be getting a fair # of emails captured at 10-12k/month. I was at that point last year and now I'm closer to 30k/month. When I send out an email now I make usually like $1k off the email the day I send it. How's your organic social game going? I started working on mine right from launch and I'm close to 100k followers now. I get a lot of sales from them without even needing ads

  4. Start branding. At a point when your best selling products seem to saturate your conversion rates, its best to personalize . Look up your CTRs and start branding products that sell fast and quick. We used this technique 11 years ago, still works like a charm! The shift has focused from China of course, but the ideas remain the same.

  5. If you're content with the CVRs of the current site iteration, and if the returns/refunds rates are acceptable, scaling up your paid media budgets is one (but not the only) way to increase revenue.

  6. Another choice is to sell. I've been seeing a pretty decent amount of people building to this level and flipping the store to begin building the next one. What's your approx annualized profit? Multiply by 3 or 4.

  7. Can you share your website so we can see how it's optimized? I don't currently know what you are have going on but I will state a couple of things that people tend to neglect.

  8. Always be thinking about growth. It’s how all businesses should operate if growth is possible. Unless you’re an artiste or something with limited output capacity.

  9. What type of return are you getting on your ads? Sounds like you need to spend more or else have your campaign be more effective.

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