The McAfee Telegram account just released this video...

  1. Omg that was intense. My eyes are burning. I would respect the message so much more if it wasn’t dripping in bad music and epilepsy

  2. I think it’s too entertaining to be made by feds. They can’t even dress properly for their false flag rallies

  3. This seems like controlled opposition. They want us to "kill politics so it can be reborn" so they could put their great reset on us and we feel like we created something. How else would they push the great reset on us without everyone rejecting it right away?

  4. His bday was supposed to be 'the' day and here we are with a video that looks like it was made in a high school visual art class and no new info.

  5. This video gave me post-traumatic amnesia. Who ordered all these MREs?! Someone liquidated my stocks! Where did all these guns come from? Why are there first aid kits on my couch?! Why am I dressed like a commando?

  6. As soon as the flashing that's clearly custom designed to give people seizures started I diverted my eyes and paused the video blindly. Fuck that. This definitely needs a flashing lights warning on it.

  7. I was under the impression that John had "leverage" on this system or participants... This video is just a collage of music and images designed to make you to feel a certain way. But there's no real substance here, not even a hint of anything to come either. Weak sauce.

  8. SS This Telegram account has been releasing a lot of "Q" like messages lately and there's a buildup of an imminent release of information. It started with this video a few minutes ago. If you want to find out more or want the source:

  9. By 'imminent release of information' you mean never releasing anything substantial but providing a stream of agreeable content that keeps you hooked for the big reveal that will never come?

  10. Yet, the video is still far from what this has to be or why it is taking place the way it is taking place, it just show how, just like the woman said it, "we are just trying to show them how".

  11. Allegedly he was murdered recently (suicided) according to his wife. McAfee himself said something along the lines of if they ever say I committed suicide, I didn't.

  12. Lol that really sets it off doesn't it. I almost didn't even notice it, like when they flash up popcorn on a movie screen or porn into a scene like with Fight Club.

  13. I can't possibly think of a more effectively be video to trigger an epileptic seizure. The perfect colors and flash rate.

  14. Where’s the link for the stuff they put on the telegram of his with with a bunch of shit we’ve seen before (albeit still pretty damning/fucked up shit)?

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