How to better Elena...

  1. Yes those are all so good! I'm of the opinion that Elena became so annoying as a vampire (and kind of generally useless) because her only sense of control came from her ability to threaten others with her death, but once that was taken away she just felt useless. Obviously the ease with which she was willing to sacrifice herself meant she should've been in SO much therapy for survivor's guilt but it made her an interesting character and also showed how much she cared about her friends.

  2. Even if i do like elena, i recognise where her flaws lie and i agree with all your points here. 1 and 2 would give her some much needed character development and 4 and 5 would be some interesting plots.

  3. While I agree with some of your points, and I wished they explored her character more in the series, like connecting more with Katherine (the 2 of them are my favorite characters and would have loved them becoming close), I still can't in good conscience not downvote this. Sorry, I love Elena to death and everything that starts with "I hate Elena" is a no-no for me.

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