People need to stop calling Elena a crybaby

  1. I think it’s mostly because she doesn’t really have an evolving arch (to a degree), the show constantly went back to portraying Elena as a sad little girl who needs everyone’s saving

  2. A sad little girl. Try losing both your parents, your aunt, your cousin/brother, and you bio parents in the span of a year and a half and see how happy you’d be.

  3. Yes this is the perfect way to put it into words. They constantly wrote her off as helpless and whiny. It became annoying after so many seasons. For some reason annoyance trumps everything in this show at least for me. Sometimes it’s a great character but they come of as very annoying and they always do it at the most inopportune times.

  4. It’s because everyone lost their family in this show…. So I mean she does cry more compared to everyone else but I mean people grieve different but i don’t rlly like Elena to begin with so🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. People don't call her a crybaby as much as they call her a self-righteous hypocrite, which was very well-deserved.

  6. Yes she's lost a lot of people, but a lot of people had to sacrifice others or themselves for her. It's extremely unfair. She's always prioritized and other people aren't allowed to feel angry or put themselves first before her in many, if not all situations. I'm just saying, when Caroline switched her humanity off and kept hitting at Elena for thinking everything is about her / a lot of other people who would simply respond to her "this isn't about you", I absolutely agreed.

  7. The thing that gets on my nerves is how much the other characters harp on her great loss. “ELENA has lost more loved ones than anyone. ELENA has grieving down to a science. ELENA cares so much…” Elena losing more loved ones than most people on the show is arguable at best. But are they all forgetting about Jeremy? Jeremy lost all the same loved ones that Elena did, plus all of his girlfriends. And yet they still all talk about Elena as if she’s the pinnacle of grief for passed loved ones. I think it’s all of the other characters talking about her that way that actually makes it seem to the more impressionable of us like Elena is a crybaby.

  8. Maybe a hot take but fans hate Elena because they’re mad stelena wasn’t endgame. I get that Delena fans definitely hate on her also though so it’s definitely not one-sided.

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