You know what?!

  1. I like the look, but value wise it doesn’t make sense to get it over a model 3 right now. However as someone with a few shares I hope they can still compete on good customer service and premium quality

  2. It's like Tesla, only the Model S actually looks good, the rest look like budget cars and design rejects. For Polestar the Polestar 1 and Polestar Precept look good, the 1 is the best imo.

  3. Dude. I can’t believe the success of the model 3. It look SO bad (imo). Don’t get me started on the x or cyber truck

  4. Surprised of all the hate polestar deal is getting from everywhere. All these while I have seen it mostly about valuation. This is the same ppl gladly accepted all the billions for vaporwares like nikola

  5. I saw a couple roll through my downtown area, I think they look pretty sharp... a lot better than a model 3.

  6. I rather like the Teslas, but there are sooooo many of them here in Norway now. Perhaps that's why the polestar catches my eyes so easily :/ It's hands down one of my favorite looking cars I see on the road now. That or perhaps the Audi e-tron GT, altough the latter is in a higher price class, and not nearly as common.

  7. People didn't buy those to look awesome tough. They were great for their time and purpose. Same with the Nissan Leaf. While Tesla really showed what an electric car could be, Nissan started the change in car paradigm we now see well underway. It was far from a cool looking car, but it was the first electric car sold in large numbers here in Norway. Great product for its time.

  8. Saw one in a mall, and even sat inside it. It's like a cheap Camry with the bells and whistles that Tesla has. Tesla at least has sleek and minimalist interior, and the screen is quite big. But polestar's interior failed to impress me. Not to mention, wth is with the boxy look?

  9. I should have bought the heavy dip a few days ago on LUCD since I also think they look great. Not that I could ever afford one tho..I want to buy a NIO tho

  10. Last time acceleration and max speed mattered (the way you describe it) I was still in high school.

  11. Polestar Precept interior is sexy as hell, but these companies always end up changing it to something way uglier.

  12. I just had to look up “polestar vehicles” and I hid my phone while doing it just incase, cause it sounds like a stripper limo.

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