Announcements x Daily Discussion for Friday, October 01, 2021

  1. Interesting bit in the Rivian public S1: "We will exclusively provide last mile delivery vehicles to Amazon, and from the fourth anniversary to the sixth anniversary of the Initial Delivery Date, Amazon will have a right of first refusal to purchase last mile delivery vehicles" produced.

  2. Rivian is exclusively providing to Amazon meaning not selling last mile vehicles to others or Amazon is exclusively buying last mile from rivian?

  3. anyone else see the cifr drop -4.2% in the last ten minutes of trading? been betting on the pipe unlock but wonder what caused this

  4. 45m shares ready to unlock on a stock with 0.32m volume. Gonna be a hell of a PIPE unlock, surely. Holding a small position of March 7.5p with a 0.6 cost average (sold half at 1.2 to cover initial position).

  5. No idea but I have some Oct puts, hope it goes effective next week. This stock has wild movements, expecting a humungous dump but would like it to happen asap

  6. See my recent Post. If you own OPAD, look out. S-1 EFFECT on 20M shares coming likely on Monday, Oct 4 given SEC filing this evening.

  7. Thanks for the good news! Loaded up on puts today. I rarely have such impeccable timing. Hope this is a good one! 🤞

  8. This could be really good to get some snowballing media exposure from retail. 205 December 7.50 locked and loaded, but sold my $10s which I might regret soon...

  9. Hey remember the weekly target speculation posts. Whatever happened with that? More importantly does anyone know of a list of possible companies/targets current post DA spacs may be targeting. And thank you ahead of time to anyone who may have the answer/resources.

  10. I think there was chatter in the daily thread a few days ago and people through out a bunch of potential targets. Not sure how to find it...

  11. On Monday, October 4 at 3:00pm PST, Chris Urmson, CEO and co-founder of Aurora, and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Aurora investor and board member, will virtually answer questions about developing, deploying, and commercializing self-driving technology for both trucks and passenger cars. This will be hosted on the r/AmA subreddit.

  12. You wiped your comment history so I gotta ask, are you the one who had 18k shares the other day before the sell off?

  13. "Dcrc closed above 10.00 which I consider a massive win, lets get to 10.25 by next Friday's round table and ill be a happy man" - me yesterday

  14. RIDE is lower now than it was before the FoxConn news. That pop yesterday made absolutely no sense to me; it was like cheering the fact that 1/2 the lifeboats on the Titanic deployed.

  15. If the BHIL merger vote was on the 28th, shouldn't the floor have been gone on the 26th? It didn't move down at all until the ticker change yesterday.

  16. My guess is people were holding for redemption to be revealed. They found out yesterday it was a meh 70 some percent then decided to dump and short cause that’s not enough to squeeze

  17. Is there a list of SPACs with lockup expirations happening this month? Is there a post for that?

  18. When are we anticipating the RKLB PIPE unlocks? The S1 was files on September 24th... so in the next week or two? I'm anticipating a big drop (puts are just too damn expensive though) with it dropping to like 12 or 13... I'll be taking a big position as soon as that happens.

  19. Seems likely that PIPE boxed their shares on day one, which would explain the plummet after ticker change. So I’m not sure how much it will drop when shares become effective. But it will probably dip somewhat, nonetheless.

  20. So I read Rule 473(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, about delaying effective date for amendments, but I'm still kind of confused. Does the SEC stop their review of the S-1 until they receive the S-1/A? If so, am I wrong in thinking we likely won't get a pipe dump until after the 10/15 option expiry?

  21. Ihor has been in this game for many years. But very honestly, and this is my personal view, I started trusting him a little less after what he did at the height of the gme saga. On the day following that fatidic episode, he started reporting different, much lower SI values for gme, which ultimately scared people away from the stock (many people trusted him and the word spread out as well) and made it plunge during the days that followed. When people began pointing out his bullshit values, he started claiming that he had changed the definition of his SI over the weekend (without mentioning anything about it to anyone). The S3 SI values he nowadays reports are a stigma from those times, what he calls nowadays S3 SI corresponds to the bullshit SI he started reporting back then. Soon after the saga was over, he reverted to the old SI again, so nowadays he reports the original SI along with the S3 SI stigma (which is always lower than the true SI as you can see). People still ask why he did that, some claim he was bribed, others have other theories. I just don't know, a lot of shady shit happened during those weeks. I just know I don't trust him as much as I used to.

  22. Maybe the AGC pipe was allowed to box their shares before merger? I would guess a lot of the spacs on the list are pipes hedging.

  23. Honestly the increased interest and volume in ML today is really bullish imo. Looks like a couple large purchases were made near the bottom and companies are consolidating.

  24. Is the market actually pumping today and we are just foolishly still invested in SPACS or is this another case of it being held up by a few? I have a few Bitcoin related stocks on my watch (MARA, etc.) and those are all up. AAPL and TSLA both slightly down.

  25. low volume melt-up- temp bounce imo, growth is slowing + until this debt ceiling issue is not resolved...its will continue to bleed.

  26. DCRCW about the only green stock ($2.20 currently) in my portfolio today. Probably because they got a $12M grant or contract from IARPA. Outlook seems pretty good for the company in general though.

  27. Was thinking commons were about to take off this morning at 10.19, but now we are stuck at 10.10. We need some volume/attention and off we go. I do wish I had bought more $10s at 0.10 though.

  28. So why exactly is IONQ dumping so hard today, PIPE boxing shares? The whole idea of valuation and time until profitability etc simply does not hold up for me anymore as long as SPACs like JOBY, MNTS, etc. continue to hold. We can't have been the only people buying into it on its run up to 13. I'm just not understanding the selling pressure that's been coming so hard this past week.

  29. You could say that about a ton of SPACS. There is no reason for the massive drops on a lot of these. “At least” IONQ is speculative so they can make some sort of excuse but (like you) I don’t buy any of that junk anymore.

  30. Cant decide if I should jump on AGC here or if its gonna bottom out closer to 10.00, looks like this is about as low as its ever gotten though

  31. I went with a dozen Jan 2024 10'c leaps yesterday. Kept placing a bid at 3.00 and each time I bumped it to 3.10 a few minutes later it would fill.

  32. Thoughts on going big in AVPT warrants and commons at this price? In an attractive sector, strong growth, and high price targets with limited downside

  33. Vanguard with the ol’ unable to find the symbol trick therefore preventing me from even attempting to sell on warrants after merge (it’s literally in my account with correct symbol and everything). Forces you to call and they can sell from their end and say they can see nothing wrong from their end. Makes one very uncomfortable when they can control my funds but I cant control my own.

  34. Climbing back on the put wagon today. Current target is GSAH since the IV is still fairly low compared to my other mark VIH.

  35. VWE under $10 now. Whatever you do don’t have solid earnings/guidance and acquire even more companies to expand. That would be foolish….

  36. Sorry for the off topic, but any ideas for a trailing stop percentage for MRNA for a scalp trade? I caught it near the bottom today.

  37. Anyone else pretty bullish on STWO going to ESS? Big warrant position and massive contract yesterday. Been hoping for more guidance on next years earnings soon. Seems like they are shipping and getting deals done. I like the tech of Iron Salt and other non lithium batteries for energy storage much more than lithium.

  38. I keep buying more. I have no idea what I’m doing, but you can’t ignore an a company that has an actual product going out the door. Compared to $EOSE which is a de-SPAC, $STWO (Ticker change to $GWH gigawatthour soon) look like it could be quite interesting over the next two years 🤑

  39. Is NAV floor gone? It’s been consistently below NAV, I was actually thinking this could be a high redemption play

  40. FRSG yet again another SPAC that just raised money in June and already found a merger target. Ima keep sitting and waiting patiently for mine which are now close to a year in and counting!

  41. What exactly are you expecting upon DA? Your commons will pop to $9.90 but you might get a decent pop on warrants at these levels, hardly anything to get excited about

  42. If you look at interviews in the past he seemed so confident in his SPAC and actually knew what he was talking about. Now….the worrying continues to grow

  43. Unless you get lucky with the put timing, these high IV options are not worth it. IRNT weeklies are up big but Oct and Nov expiry options mostly flat to down unless they were seriously deep in the money

  44. I don't fault him for selling TSLA. He got in early and realized unreal returns. Even Elon thinks TSLA is overvalued at the moment. Now saying that he wouldn't sell a single share on CNBC after already selling his stake, now that I could see taking an issue with.

  45. IPOF holders are amazing. I really should just buy 1000 shares & sell $10 calls immediately upon whatever dopey new rumor comes out any given Tuesday. I think you could pick up an annualized 10% easy by rinsing & repeating that.

  46. Mobile app, mobile beta, web, mobile web, every page on their site- none of it looks the same, all different experiences.

  47. I’ve generally had a great experience using Fidelity, and their lack of fees is hard to beat from a major US broker, but these are my two complaints. Their app is such trash that I just use the website, even on my phone. And they’re among the last brokers to process ticker changes on SPACs. At least the latter issue is fairly niche.

  48. Well i used my left over money lion money (what’s left of it) to buy yet another warrant position to continue my spraying and praying. Now part of the CRU WS crew

  49. They are not software as a service. They are the service needed to run software as a service. They are basically providing the knowledge to implement and run Microsoft cloud services.

  50. TALK is the next play guys, I’ve been looking into it and just doubled my position to 60k commons. They’ve been absolutely crushed for not guiding earnings and their customer acquisition costs have increased but they’re valued at $570m with over $200m cash on hand. They’re one of the leaders in the space and they’re partnering with insurers and employers to offer mental health services. Big thing is that they can prescribe, mental health is gaining more attention due to societal and pandemic related shifts and it’s a convenient way to get help.

  51. I bought at $5 and I'm nibbling more at this price. I like the concept. My cousin used them and hated it with anger. But there's no such thing as bad pr.

  52. I am not expecting a PIPE dump; the biggest issue for me are their next earnings report - chip shortage (they have no leverage with suppliers), delivery delays, increasing SG&A expenses due to new hires and construction in progress cost will all impact the next report. If no positive PR with definitive agreements and revenue projections, it could hit the $4-6 range.

  53. I had a brief moment of respite only to come crashing down again. Account was languishing at $375k for basically two months then finally GGPI announces and I get back over $400k to $418k and I had a sigh of relief. Now I’m back under $400k again within days. Grrrr….

  54. Honestly, can we come together and figure out what the fuck is going on with MNTS... it defies all fucking logic, why is it immune? I don't even have much if a position against it, just a couple puts, but it is seriously bothering me that it just somehow sits there untouched, when they were investigated for basically being a fraud, and everything else legit is getting slaughtered.

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