Announcements x Daily Discussion for Tuesday, September 28, 2021

  1. Polestar 2 is based on xc40 chassis, looks like a Volvo inside and outside. It's virtually a Volvo with fewer dealers or spaces. Going to be an important SPAC just like WeWork and Fisker but the brand is so close to Volvo right now.

  2. when DNA is at 20 next year and IONQ is at 40 and GENI is at 35 and Polestar is at 20+ and Moneylion is 2 dollars I'm going to like this sub a lot more.

  3. Well, you’re right, of course - since the chat thread is exclusively for your benefit only, it should definitely be adjusted to suit your specific demands

  4. Ok, enough of Money Lion. Is it reasonable to expect the markets to bounce Wednesday? Futures are green. So all the "bargains" I bought Tuesday won't look so red soon, right?

  5. Your submission has used a banned word or a set of banned words. Please refrain from using these in the future, or you will incur a ban from our subreddit.

  6. It's a little more complicated than that it seems. The 9.1 M shares are for executives like CEO etc. with various lockups. Even if there were no lockups most of the 9M is held not by retail but by FUSe and ML executives.

  7. I feel like that guy who stands outside a conversation circle, desperately trying to be included, but has nothing of merit to say. So I'll just leave y'all with the 'ol "Money Lion, Right on! Good Stuff!"

  8. These 2 images are important to understand what happened with ML and are probably why redemption numbers took so long to put out.

  9. This is why I never go deep in any one despac, you might lose 40% in 2 days and you can't even be surprised about it.

  10. Yeh I checked out his post again today, said he closed out long ago. Hopefully he did, the stock got a pretty decent bump when some bs price target came out a few weeks ago

  11. Alright some more ML math here. Thoughts? I do wonder if people (me included honestly) are having a hard time reconciling with the latest redemption numbers because of how the ticker has traded recently.

  12. Looks like he just came around to the 9.1M float number in a more recent comment (scroll down from your linked comment)

  13. Not sure if people if people are downvoting because they're tired of seeing redemption numbers, or because they think you're wrong. If it's the latter, SMH 🤦‍♂️

  14. i felt the same way then debated if i ever knew to begin with lol. this redemption squeeze phase will pass soon i think. on the bright-side it brought interest back to spacs. downside, random clowns invade our sub

  15. Watching spaclings who came here just for squeezies go at it with Fuck_CCIV is so entertaining. Play into their hand more you knobs, especially Fuck_CCIV_Hater.

  16. I just block people like that, spacs is so much nicer without all the wannabe "personalities" and drama queens. No point in having someone in the feed that posts 50 times a day just whining about how their positions are performing, or throwing around trades and then deciding on a different trade two seconds later.

  17. Re: ML redemption numbers, I think people got hung up on insider redemptions + founder shares and conflated them with the FUSE float of 35M Class A commons. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly the "New MoneyLion Common Stock" redemptions mean in the grand scheme of things but I'm pretty sure it doesn't affect the fact that 35M - 26M = at least a 9M float.

  18. my spacfolio is at max currently but PRPB seems to be holding really damn strong around a buck. if you can get a sub dollar fill that’s a big win.

  19. I was wondering why ML gang is so salty and defensive, then I realized most bought around 8.8 and are already 10% down.

  20. So if I'm following this right, the free float of ML is 9.1 million, and a gamma ramp up to 20 would place about 75,000 calls in the money. Good enough?

  21. But if it was approved it means the redemptions weren't high enough for it to be meaningful especially without there being options

  22. I have no skin in the ML game, but I think the confusion is the point. If the number wasn't horrible they would have stated it more plainly and not made everyone wait till right at the deadline.

  23. 10,202,163 outstanding shares of MoneyLion Common Stock (which includes the shares of MoneyLion Common Stock issued to former holders of MoneyLion Warrants) were cancelled in exchange for the right to receive 184,285,695 shares of New MoneyLion Common Stock

  24. Why? Even if all 9m shares are part of the free float(which seems to be unlikely), there are still more than 4m in short interest.

  25. If Chamath annoounces DA tomorrow, and a nice deal w/ Discord is announced, this will do tons for the spac community. It really makes sense for it to happen.

  26. I think it makes better sense for him to announce a deal with Space X combining with Stripe combining with Porsche! That’d be killer.

  27. OK, I'm taking a break and coming back later for the moon and before AH ends. WE need time to see it get some traction. Anyone going over to see how the murder hornets or squeeze boi thread is taking it?

  28. ML has a big following here at the moment. You can't say anything negative about it. PTK is going places. Hopefully, ML will go up too.

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