Announcements x Daily Discussion for Friday, September 17, 2021

  1. Reuters - Investment legend FUCK_CCIV rumoured to be newly appointed as CFO of Original Bark company, stock gains 10% on Friday

  2. Yep exactly but if you speak negatively on this you’ll get downvoted to hell or ignored by the mods. Not a good look for SPAC’s imo

  3. Took some albeit small profit off on LEV, it rising 22% for the week doesn't fill me with confidence, I'm long on it so will wait for the eventual drop and buy more to average down and try catch the bottom. AVG is 12.84 right now.

  4. I unfortunately sold most of my LEV last week as I thought it was going to just keep going down like PTRA. But I also had a fundamental reason, spent some time looking at their projections vs last Q and it seems very unlikely they will miss 2021 deliveries by like at least 25% if not 50%. Their bus backlog looks good but trucks does not.

  5. damn i haven’t been watching, that’s wild. i already hold PTRA but with LEV that low i might have to pay attention if it dips back down. wonder if warrants took a big hit too?

  6. I've been carrying this hopium around since Feb. It's not going to be Discord. That $500m is a very recently completed private round of funding

  7. Don’t think I’m cut out for these squeeze plays. Gained some on IRNT and lost some on TMC. Netted like $200 but could have lost a lot more.

  8. Down $666 today, which appears to be a clear sign that FOMOing into a company I despise in hopes of quick profits is not the righteous path.

  9. the glitchy volume spikes at close aren't just deSPACs. like someone said earlier, probably just MMs moving shares around due to opex

  10. I've got so many account violations due to these P and D, lol. Just got my taxable restricted because of some IRNT trades yesterday (already had my rollover restricted due to a glitch on Vanguards end). Took one violation in my roth today as well to get out of HLBZ.

  11. next week predictions - BARK double digits, most of these squeeze plays in the 7s, EV plays continue to slowly rise, SPY slowly dips further

  12. what’s going on with ATIP? any bear/bull cases? been looking at this one for awhile but would like to hear from someone who knows this industry

  13. Physical therapists are bearish on this, because insurers are paying less and less per visit. Also they are pissed at the cuts to benefits. They've also got high debt.

  14. Can someone confirm huge right after market close volumes on BODY, BARK and AVPT please ? Marketwatch shows 800k up to 1.3M volume in AH.

  15. Thank you for welcoming me back today LILM. Good gains and I even got to reroll and do it all over again with dailies. Another great day in SPACsutawney, SPACsylvania - wonder what SPACsutawney Phil will see for this next options period.

  16. Someone give this user an award. Not for the username... I would but I have warrants out and can't afford it.

  17. HERA_W with the 20% gain on what looked like several market orders close... Again over it's averaged 3 month daily volume. Good ole fashioned DA Monday?

  18. you think the spac publicity will lead to people buying warrants that have no idea about their illiquid nature/smash the market buy? if so 👀🤑. i’ve seen some dumbass priced smaller buys lately

  19. those were blatant pumps this week. no one was bidding up rkly and snax because they thought they were great stocks and undervalued. that said, rkly and snax at the right price like $8 and $7 are good companies to hold long term.

  20. With VIH vote coming up in October, and it currently staying above 10, doesn't that effectively kill the idea of some type of squeeze?

  21. yeah, this China real estate mess was exactly the catalyst wallstreet was looking for to justify it's sell off. it kept begging for the correction the last 2 weeks. well now it has it's cover story. unless Chinese government announces some measures next week, the financial media is going to start trumpeting clickbait doomsday scenarios.

  22. anyone think it’s mildly sketchy that TMC flattened out at around 10 immediately and stopped declining? low float would be easy to manipulate 10 strikes for friday expiry i guess

  23. MNTS is a freaking mystery... there honestly has to be some kind of fuckery going on... I know it has low volume but it can't be retail propping this up...

  24. Price action on it has always defied logic. I tried buying puts on it a couple times while it was SRAC. Lost money both times. This was before all the news of the thrusters not working and the SEC investigation. I had heard enough rumors to know it was a garbage company. And here we sit with it still over $10. Not sure if it is being manipulated or just lots of dumb people. Ive given up waiting for it to drop. As the saying goes…the market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

  25. Hi guys! Did not follow the market whole day. What happened with IRNT? Wasn’t it expected the squeeze for today? Any news? Why it is so much down?

  26. Here's a question from an idiot.. could it be that irnt will be pinned below 30 to keep a massive amount of calls from expiring itm? And then potentially popping after hours / early next week?

  27. I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again I will never buy 0dte's again

  28. Interestingly I could (and did) sell to close my DNA calls with Fidelity this morning. It’s just the single share of DNA commons that I couldn’t sell.

  29. On August 26 ride named a new ceo and the share price has gone from 5.51 to touching 7. Patiently waiting for atip to name a new ceo and go from 3.70 to around 5.20. My 2 bigger plays sofi charter and atip ceo wonder which occurs first.

  30. I was bullish AF on atip at $4. But with their debt and staffing problems I'm starting to worry if they'll survive long term without bankruptcy. I still have a position.

  31. Alright guys, VIH squeeze is over plz let me buy back my calls at 0.05 and we can pack it up... :P For real though, october call holders being stubborn thought we would have dropped more by now with lack of price action/volume

  32. Imagine buying the dip and thinking TMC was gonna close over $10 after the price action today. Cannot believe people genuinely follow these social media traders

  33. I wish I had loaded up on some puts last week. I saw that ARK was buying like crazy and that seemed to be causing the daily drive up. At that volume, it couldn't continue.

  34. If you wanted to trade the W before it shows up you can get right in with active trader pro people (even if you aren’t) on the phone and put in orders at 800-564-0211

  35. IRNT broke above $10 seventeen trading sessions ago, including today. It has had 7 green days and 10 red days (assuming today red). It closed between $12.50 and $15 six days in a row.

  36. I was going to buy back my calls earlier this week because they were -60% what I sold them at, but forgot to. Dang. Wish I could take advantage of today’s premiums.

  37. I think that while retail is "squeezing", smart money went back to normal investing and started marking up preDA warrants.

  38. Maybe big spender exchanging commons for warrants? Or a butterfly flapped its wings in the desert. Probably one of those things is my guess.

  39. IGAC has got to be Simplebet. Simplebet just launched on draftkings for microbetting yesterday. they recently had a funding round (probably to justify valuation through a a spac). they just moved their headquarters .2 miles from Tusk Ventures in New York and are paying a crazy amount in rent there (they'll need money for that). The CEO of Simplebet just started following Bradley Tusk on Twitter. Tusk was just in Greece on a trip where he couldn't reveal what he was doing there. One of Simplebet's biggest clients is headquartered in Greece. also Tusk has mentioned microbetting a few times in interviews. he's also a venture capitalist so a start-up with huge potential is right up his alley. I think all of the pieces are there.

  40. Why is PACE running? I got some calls after it went up like 5% as they were ridiculously cheap. Now at 14%, I don't see anyone on WSB pitching it as a 'squeeze' play too.

  41. Thanks whoever loaded NVSAW. Now my account may look ok headed into the weekend. Although I know it's a mirage.

  42. Any good recent or old despacs that are fundamentally undervalued? Something like DMS/KLR ? Not interested in squeeze plays..

  43. I second CMAX. The valuation had it at a massive discount to CANO at $10 -- and now CANO IS $15. And the sponsor is Deerfield whose previous SPAC has been consistently $25.

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