Announcements x Daily Discussion for Monday, September 13, 2021

  1. Lol. Just looked through some of TMCs latest filings and found this clause for part of the founder's share ownership (portion of the class A-G shares):

  2. I actually find it amazing listening to Jason Kelly - he almost never talks about Ginkgo and their products. Instead he talks about some hypothetical future of Synbio in general and analogies to highly valued tech firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and computer programming.

  3. I don't get why you are getting downvoted so hard. This is absolutely what he does. Somehow Jason Kelly has convinced investors (and a lot of Redditors in this sub judging by your downvotes) that synthetic biology is not possible without Ginkgo Bioworks.

  4. Redemption period is closed. Arbs have been gone since last Friday. Price discovery over next few days especially on Friday will have this week really volatile. Tomorrow they release vote results. Keep an eye out to see if the release redemption numbers in with the vote results

  5. I could see it being a combo of tight stop losses and some panic selling, since everyone expects it to dive. Didn’t really see any large orders today. The rest of the week should be interesting.

  6. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something because this feels like a company that if they did traditional IPO people would be lining up for and it would pop 50% on the first day...

  7. Oh it looks like what they actually did at the beginning of August was release quarter one results which they didn't have to do timely since they weren't a publicly traded stock.

  8. Prediction, LCID will dip hard and the dip will be bought up immediately... lot of people not a huge fan of that particular analyst... especially with giving Fisker a better valuation.

  9. Looks like Adam Jonas also gave Tesla $10 price target in 2019. Thing is $12 for Lucid is still almost $20 billion market cap. For a company that hasn't proven a thing. And they'll probably make great cars but they need to start selling cars and then their stock price can jump each quarter when they actually hit milestones.

  10. Are OCA warrants so cheap because there is concern the merger doesn't go through? From a response during the AMA it looks like they need to get less than 50% redemptions (about 42% max) which is probably a long shot. Seems like a solid target though

  11. Wondering the same thing… keep adding some, but risky. Almost seems like many post DA warrants are risky right now if deals fall through. But also many deals getting done with massive redemptions. So hard to tell.

  12. So I had a limit price all day for ESM. Was basically at end of day when I said whatever and bought at 65 cents.

  13. Happened to me with DHCA today, but didn’t up my buy just waited and right near close it hit at $.65

  14. If you haven't seen /u/sillycibin in a while it's probably because he's in a quiet place with Adam Jonas' LCID initiation note & a bottle of baby lotion.

  15. how do you determine when to cut a warrant loose other than opportunity cost? I'm down 40% on SVSVW and hoping to get some of that back but also realizing I'm not real sure what my exit is or how I know if it's going to go to zero? Obv if the merger fails it goes to zero, but how do you get a sense that's likely and to bail?

  16. Selling at a loss is a tough lesson to learn. I have several bags that I just can't dump, even though I know better. I'm looking at you PSFE.

  17. I don’t know anything about that specific SPAC, but this year I’ve been just holding until we get closer to a DA or merger date & averaging down then.

  18. If that deal closes, it'll be because the founder/spac sponsor bought shares at 10 for more pipe funding. They were also both the original pipe. Semi bullish, but it's still indoor farming when we don't need space yet, so noone cares.

  19. I usually keep doubling down while simultaneously missing out on things I actually wanted to own. I can recommend you not do that.

  20. anyone in TEKK think maybe the target is Playup? Australian company (Matt Davey is Australian) and Playup is expanding into the US. currently trying to get a license in Arizona. Matt has specifically said that he's interested in international companies looking to expand into the US. He also interacts a lot with them on linkedin. good target? meh?

  21. And then starts insulting everyone who questioned him posting without fact checking. What a piece of shit lol

  22. the dearth of DAs lately is troubling. only because there are so many spacs. are all 400+ going to announce on the last possible day before they have to file extensions? lol I was skeptical of mass liquidations before, but man I'm coming around to the idea. I would only buy spacs from teams I can contact and get a feel for what they're up to.

  23. Yeah, it was randomly pumped last week too. Leading me to think it was the Pre PIPE pump, but i think they cocked the S-1 and needs amending as its been longer than average.

  24. Moral aspects aside, looks decent. Got a PT of $20 today(if that matters). I will definitely buy at $7.👍

  25. I have officially pulled out all my money from SPACs. I’m still gunna look at this sub from Time to time to see if anything good comes out of a SPAC again in the upcoming years. Good luck to all!

  26. We will miss you. Unless you were the one selling all those PIPPW today /s? In a couple of years we will all be retired or homeless. Or both. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  27. What's more amazing than anything, is that there are PIPES that actually thought some of these scam companies were good investments. In their professional opinion. Like why would anyone pledge 100 million on deep sea mining without a guarantee of low SPAC redemption?

  28. Sensationalism: I feel like reporting this is price target the same as showing camera footage of a streaker during a sporting event. You're just encouraging it to happen again.

  29. this is the mvst 6 guy -- and tesla 10$ to 4500$ price change guy... if anything this will pump lucid to 40$

  30. When you play these squeeze plays don't get emotionally attached to the stocks. Be aware that you play a game of hot potato. Distance yourself from the company or super bullish price targets. There is no loyalty in this game. Whenever there is the next big squeeze with a lower float, more redemptions, more itm options, people will move on. There are so many people holding bags at 400+ in gme, 15+ in CLOV or 25+ in IRNT. Don't hold stocks like soac longterm just because you did not jump the ship in time. Losing potential profit is always better than holding the bag. Go in early and get out in time or atleast at a small loss.

  31. Microvast you scamming Chinese POS, all I wanted was to get rid of my bags at 13. Now that ain't gonna happen for a long time. Fuck you microvast

  32. With $15 million in private funding, a new company called Colossal is trying to edit elephant DNA to genetically resurrect the woolly mammoth, thousands of years after it went extinct.

  33. A lot of people say bringing them back will help the permafrost in Siberia and significantly reduce global warming. ESG all over it!

  34. Rule 4 says No Pump and Dumpers - hence I declare 40% of you in voilation of this rule until you swear to hold TMC for 5 years and allocate 20% of your 401K to it.

  35. Maybe this place has always been full of shit. We thought we were intelligent investors when in reality we were just in a bubble.

  36. I like that some people can finally make some money off SPACs. But I don’t like some popular posters(twitter/reddit) taking advantage of other retail. Sometimes it works and a lot of us make some money. But most of the time we are just enriching the sponsors and management of some of the most shitty and scammy target companies.

  37. Skil earnings after close tomorrow. Last of the June despacs to report. Will be very interesting to see what that one does as it has stayed at 10 for the last 3 months. Options doesn't give a clear direction of where it's going as interest is limited on both sides.

  38. I think it will do well. I don’t know why this deal got so little attention, I looked at it quickly and it seems quite fair

  39. If that will GAIN us more money so be it. I couldn't care less if I'm running with apes (I have) or with more inteligent orang... traders.

  40. it's what happens when the SPAC space does nothing but bleed for 6 months straight. we're here to make money anyway so who cares

  41. It's disappointing that longer dated soac puts are so expensive. Squeeze or not that pipe dump will be epic. When 2/3 of the pipe did not even honor their commitments, the rest will also run for the hills. I really hope the squeeze happens and the puts get cheaper.

  42. iv will be insane though. consider bear call spread? i've also been looking to buy longer term puts after selling my september soac/tmc puts but the premium is too high.

  43. Someone that dislikes me. Must be. I got in twice with 1000 shares and $1/share loss each time. Would I buy it back when it was at $9 I'd be even.

  44. Just that (I would say) that most are expecting it to go through. It was a no brainer at $10.50ish. I got caught thinking it would stay that way longer (I should say that I wasn’t able to add much at that level due to lack of DAs).

  45. I saw this on WSB, TMC = Tendie Maker Company 😂. I still can't believe that I actually bought SOAC calls. Love the 🤡market.

  46. Ouch Spac-ey, be prepared it might pull an IRNT. I also sold out my calls early, during the 1st run up for modest gain some time back, no skin in the game now.

  47. Correct me, but if $VIH will stay above $10 on Friday it will make almost 22000 contracts ITM, right ? And there is high SI to it.

  48. AHAC/HUMA having a nice day and I just wanted to ask again, this name isn't on the squeezy list, right? I have searched myself and have found nothing, short interest minimal, so I'm trying to figure out why people suddenly like this one after it sat around NAV ever since the spacpocalypse in Feb/Mar. Any thoughts are welcome.

  49. I am still in lol, the bid ask spread on calls was fucked at the top. I will exercise the calls once they are deep ITM.

  50. going down down down... gonna burn in... it's gonna be volatile before the support is figured out. I bet up tomorrow, down wednesday. probably eventually down to $12-14 for support.

  51. I'm betting SRNG has massive redemptions on merger, they've been sub nav for many months, it'll be interesting to see what happens with that stock. Their tech is cool but the valuation is like 50x 2025 revenue and they love to burn money.

  52. I'm not so sure SRNG redemptions will be massive as it did trade over $10 for a spell, plus you have Cathie with a bunch of millions of shares. I also dont think it goes to $3-$5 either, I'm thinking $5 or $6 is worst case. It is crazy that is was valued at ~$4B in 2019, but I think a doubling or so in this case isnt outlandish as people are more familiar with the tech.

  53. Revenue is just part of the valuation though. They have investments they carry at cost that that should also be factored in if you want to come up with fair value.

  54. What caused TMC to pump after investors pulled their money? Seems like all bad news on a small company with no revenue yet it is pumping

  55. Just wanted to clarify a little with earlier comment on being tired of seeing DNA bearish takes with no substance. I’m not trying to discourage bearish takes at all. Informative bearish posts add a lot of value. Just need to make sure their is substance. Reddit/Twitter/stocktwits have changed retail investing and made it easier to influence others decisions, which is why arguments based on substance is critical. Same thing for bullish posts. My comments definitely lean pro ginkgo so I just want make sure I’m not discouraging people who see differently. The below link was a good bearish article specifically on ginkgo. I really enjoyed it and it made me question what I know.

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