Ex client spent $20k on my card

  1. Something similar happened with us, with an international client (Australia). Fortunately it was a smaller amount. Unfortunately, even though we did retain an Australian lawyer, recourse was limited since it is international. Even $20k might not be worth it because of the expense.

  2. I’m in Australia had a similar issue but reverse, we had to end a $150k hosting contract early cause the us host wasn’t providing the services at the agreed price and we were paying double what we agreed on. We paid our last month hosting bill of US$35k and told them the contract was void they didn’t agree and I saw our lawyers they told me they couldn’t do crap to us in Australia based on the international laws. They sent a lawyer letter twice we ignored it never heard from it 15 years later.

  3. Are you working with your CC company yet? You need to slow down and get answers from each involved entity before making any decisions.

  4. Never put your card in a client’s subscription to anything. It’s a financial risk for you and a ownership risk for them if they ever want to take control of their stack.

  5. I know a good Italian lawyer who also speaks mothertongue English and is specialized in crossborders issues. We used him in the past to sue italian people from abroad and, imho, that’s your best recourse. Drop me a PM if you want his contact.

  6. Just chargeback it. You will regret not doing a chargeback later when Facebook disables your ad account for something else.

  7. What country would that be? Never heard of this. You will get taxes on the amount that the client transfers to you, but at the same time you can claim an expense on the ad cost, so they will cancel each other out.

  8. It sounds like you're in pretty big trouble here. If the client is already disputing the charge you are probably going to need to litigate. And doing so won't be easy and won't have teeth if they are in another country.

  9. How can you prove it was them and only them? You have other clients and it doesn’t tell you exactly who spent the money.

  10. We singled out the transactions then confronted the client, who sent us a facebook letterhead pdf of all the fraudulent charges

  11. Imo if you don't have ownership of said account, I never use my cards. If I create it, have full ownership, then ok. But if you're just giving access or partnering then never use your card. May the marketing gods ever be in your favor.

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