The Light at the end of the IOS14 tunnel: Instant Experience Ads

  1. Not a solution at all, the whole point of buying advertising and linking to your website is to have a competitive advantage when it comes to product display, branding, email subscribers, etc. unless you sell commoditized products/services, this is far from a solution. Instant experience ads are great, but handing over checkout control to FB is far from ideal

  2. Agreed. Same reason I don't use Amazon for any of my products. Less competition and more control over the customer journey

  3. Disagree. You can build an instant experience almost like a landing page. And iOS14 is taking away all the pixel tracking capabilities, whereas on-platform experiences retain the entire audience

  4. Do you mean lead conversions or purchase conversions? I can see how people easily convert to leads here, but wanted to double check if the page design doesn't drop the purchase conversion rates.

  5. I am so curious to test Facebook/IG checkout but my company’s manufacturing was hit hard by Covid and our shipping times are too long for It 😭

  6. I do have "Add instant experience" options after "Format" on my add acount. But are we talking about getting a 3rd options in "Destinations"? With "Website" and "Facebook event"

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