How I Scaled An Ecom Brand From $45K To $120K In 30 Days

  1. Nice write up. I’ve had such a hard time selling CRO to some clients. It’s wild how many people just think you can drop users on a simple, “run of the mill” product page and expect great CVR.

  2. Yes, 100%! CV Rate is so important and Landing page testing can definitely have a significant impact on ROAS

  3. I am very impressed that you were able to make such a big impact on your ROAS by solving CRO. Did your CPC and CTR stay constant as you scaled up?

  4. I mean in the end, the CTR and CPC vary by day so they were not 100% constant, but overall they are in the same areas as they were before.

  5. I have/had the same issue that you described. We tested with product pages vs. product-dedicated custom landing pages but barely saw a noticeable difference in conversion rate/sales increases.

  6. I mean it would be worth a test I think. You'd need to get a higher CV Rate by X% to make overall more money. (You can calculate the X%)

  7. This is really awesome. I have started my eComm agency, but prospecting client is where I'm lagging. As I never worked with e-commerce brand before how can I kickstart my agency with clients paying for helping them with PPC.

  8. I'd say start with lower ad budgets to get familiar with ecom. I don't know how much overall experience you have with FB Ads, but Fiverr may be a good place to get some low-spend clients!

  9. Amazing article. Would this also work for higher ticket items, for example watches between 300-600 usd? Showing them all benefits, features, social proof.

  10. Sure. In the end, if you can get your CV Rate from 0.6% to consistent 0.8% that's a huge change for that kind of AOV

  11. Mhh, I'm not so sure about the discounts, to be honest. On the one hand, they can help, on the other hand, you also don't want to become a discount brand.

  12. Love this write up. Thanks for sharing. Was it easy to make the changes? Was there a lot of development time required?

  13. Nice post. 200% agree about the offer part. Offer can make or break your business and this is often overlooked by marketers. By switching offer from 65$ to 59$ + 1 free gift for my brand I was able to literally 3x the conversion rate (on a 10k/month spend with FB ads). Ads are important, CRO too, but sometimes it's also about the offer. Big brands dominate with great offers.

  14. I'm sorry you feel that way, but this is just one of my clients. I have multiple and all combined they make around $1M a month.

  15. I find it very hard to belive that your conversion rate almost tripled just by changing the customer journey like you described

  16. In the end, it wasn't only the customer journey, but also the offer. But yes, you're right it is indeed a huge change!

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