Facebook CPM's just went 3x overnight. For anyone else as well?

  1. For us is total chaos... Last year stable sales through summer (sunglasses company) but this year is total mess since june... traffic go to junk... conversions.. we have to move and we are put the money in google ads by now

  2. Same here in Europe, cost per landing page view was 2$ yesterday (and for the last 4 weeks..) and exploded to 6 - 7$ today with a CPM 2x higher.

  3. I’m based in Northern Europe. CPM has skyrocketed in the past week. This is the first week in 2 years when we didn’t even break even on the ads spent.

  4. Yeah same for France Targeting, my CPM went up by 40% and CPC as well. Ads performance decrease by 50 %, maybe its linked with EURO football. I dont know please let me know how is going on those next days.

  5. Yep in the UK here. I was comfortably making 20% profit on my lead ad forms (i work on CPL model) but i’ve only just been breaking even the last 3 days. Im wandering wether its just the weather + football starting or wether its the ios 14 update thats causing the issues. I really hope things improve

  6. Same problem here. From 23:00 CEST in all our accounts CPM increased drastically more than x3 for sure. All campaigns were paused. Crazy summer with FB ads.

  7. Yesterday was one of the highest cpm hike, Today conversions dropped by a lot cpm lowered by about 10%. Anyone taking a conversion hit today as well or it’s just cpms?

  8. Would you guys be interested if we created a discord channel just between media buyers to follow up on these kinds of things, and maybe exchange tips on current strategies. Theses things can be so stressful when it happens..

  9. If everyone is experiencing an issue, then clearly it’s not our ads being shit. But Facebook becoming utter shit. I miss the days fb ads where amazingly effective & cheap. Man…. I really miss those days. Used to get such cheap conversions

  10. Thank you guys for your replies, sort of "glad" to hear that everyone is experiencing this. Looks like it's going down steadily today, let's hope they sort this sh*t out ASAP

  11. I wonder if there are actual mid-sized businesses that are collapsing because their whole sales were bound to FB marketing

  12. CPM's returned to normal $2 average, conversions and reporting however are a total mess. Seeing only 20% of conversions reflected on Ads manager, ROAS drop by 30-40% also since Saturday.

  13. Hey, in that case, try Manuel bid, set your budgets 10 times your ideal budget to spend, and use bidcap with your ideal bid. Wait for 4hours and check if there are any impressions, if not increase the bids by small amounts. Keep doing it until you see impressions. In this way, you can get your CPM's you very low amount.

  14. Beware of Bidcap guys! I had several bidcap campaigns, each spending about $500 a day for months, all of a sudden around the same time you mentioned, they spent about $10,000 in minutes, resulting $20 CPCs!! I paused all Bidcap Campaigns. If you have Bidcap campaigns that are still working, make sure you lower the overall daily budget.

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