Gilmore Girls main character elimination game round 4. Logan is out with 22.9% of the total vote. Vote for your least favourite main character from those remaining! Link in comments

  1. It’s because people have based together to hate on Logan. Jess will be next. Kirk, Michele, land, etc are too split. heartbreaking. Logan is absolutely one of my top characters.

  2. I'm honestly surprised by Logan being voted out so soon. I'm very neutral on him, but I thought he was well liked on this sub.

  3. A few people won't admit this but I think that this sub is pretty evenly split between people who like Jess better and people who like Logan better, and then the minority who like Dean or don't care for any of the three. I don't really get the 'this whole sub loves Logan!' idea because I feel like opinions on him are more nuanced, while people either love or despise Jess (and those who love him are very passionate about it).

  4. It's worth noting that this round really was so different to the previous ones. With fewer characters it's easier to get a bigger portion of the vote, but it's gone in the opposite direction - Logan's share of the vote was so much less than Jason's or Dean's. The vibe is very much that people just like other characters better.

  5. That's a good top, I definitely think Luke and Paris will be up there...Lorelai is the wild card she could be swapped for anyone depending on people's moods that day lol...I say we bring em all in and Gypsy takes all lol 🤣

  6. I was hoping Lorelai and Rory would both make it to the top 3, but it's not seeming very likely, so I think your prediction is closest. I think Richard and Lane will last fairly long, too.

  7. Lorelai might be in the top five, but I think people will vote her out pretty quickly after that. Luke for sure, Paris or Emily, and Jess or Lane.

  8. Damn Logan and Jason make me laugh so much I wouldn’t vote them out first 😂 Yes they’re douchebags but I think they bring a lot of comedy to the show. I respect the vote tho! <3

  9. I keep wanting to vote Michele but I feel like everyone else loves him so it’d be a wasted vote 😭 but I spose that defeats the purpose lol

  10. I had to take the whole night to think about it and eventually decided Michel because he's the least important character left but I don't hate-hate anyone remaining. As you say, the least impactful. I adore him though and I'm going to feel terrible when he goes because I will be a teeny tiny bit responsible!

  11. Wow i really thought this would go from less relevant characters and slowly get to the more crucial ones but we rlly diving right in there lol

  12. Well, my least three favorites were already voted out and now I don’t know who to vote for!! I guess I’m voting for Lorelai but I know she won’t be voted out. I just think the side characters are so much more interesting!!

  13. Logan?! I'm finishing up AYITL and Rory is so much worse than Logan. But the correct answer to eliminate always has been Michel.

  14. I voted for Logan myself. I have warmed up to him some over time, but I really didn’t like him when he was introduced (the privileged rich kid who was a bit of a jerk..), and I still can’t fully connect with him. The other characters were always more interesting and unique to me.

  15. He was a pretty disrespectful husband throughout the whole series, even after the separation he still didn't take Emily and her life very seriously. I think he'll still last pretty long, though, because some people just resonate with the warm relationship he had with Rory.

  16. I'm not surprised about Logan. I never liked him at first and only liked him after rewatching. But the first thing that comes to mind when I think of him is always spoiled. Second is charming.

  17. I didn't think Logan would have been voted. I don't like him but I thought he'd stick around much longer.

  18. The pole is saying “captcha verification failed” …. I’d actually get rid of Lane. None of her story lines really added to the dynamic…

  19. Woah, I was so ready to keep voting for Logan in every round, I didn’t even think about who is next on my list! I definitely did not think he’d actually be eliminated this early. Now it’s going to get tough for me…

  20. wow i was so unaware of the intense fandom discord and i am here for this tribalism. i voted rory on this round lol but hoping for a big dramatic boyfriend stan reveal 😹

  21. Oh no should've gave more dimple ☹️ well you were next on my list anyway, Jess can't weasel his way outta this one your going down Fonzie 😈

  22. I’m gonna throw a fit if Jess goes anytime before Michel, Sookie, Richard or Lane! Both Logan and Jess had more likability then a couple of characters here. In fact I’d say Michel is probably liked cuz he was seen less and there was no real character f-up like the main ones.

  23. Honestly! After Lorelai and Rory, Logan and Jess were literally the most well rounded characters with actual background stories. Stop the vooooote. 😭

  24. Im going to get hate from this but... i voted Lorelai :( i know that without her there wouldnt be a show but she really is the character i like the least :(

  25. the wonderfully charming, witty and good-hearted Logan gets voted out while the grumpy, aggressive, sour and disparaging Luke is still there?! I will never understand the overall views this sub has on characters from the show. even Jess still being there. the entire Danes family are awful characters. yuck.

  26. I voted for Logan thinking he would make it way further and there’s no chance he’d be out! I cannot believe Michel is here longer than Logan.

  27. YAAAAAAS!!! just wanted logan out. now my goal is for kirk to be the most loved and final remaining. i will eliminate anyone i have to.

  28. I know Logan and Jess (and even Luke to an extent) are divisive characters, but the passion with which people want to vote characters like Michel and Sookie out is quite funny to me, because I didn't think people had strong opinions on them.

  29. I think we're all voting by different metrics. For example, I'm narrowing it down by which character can be eliminated, and I'd still be able to enjoy the show. Others are voting off their least favorite, and others still vote for the characters they wouldn't want to be friends with IRL.

  30. I voted for Logan not because I'm team Jess. Actually, I don't like Jesse either, but I just never thought Logan fitted with the show's vibe. He felt like a proto-Gossip Girl character parachuted in Gilmore Girls and I never cared about his rich boy cheesy life and death brigade antics.

  31. It's getting tricky! I think I'm going to go Richard because he was so cold towards Lorelai a lot of the time. Emily was too, but she's too hilarious to vote out.

  32. Oh man, this is DIFFICULT! I mean, I'm not even sure how I want to define my least favourite character, because that is open to interpretation. Do I vote for the character I would least like if I actually knew them, or the character I like least for their "usefulness" (for wont of a better word) to the show. I mean, Emily is a monster, but she's spectacular to watch and an absolutely vital element of the show. I can't vote her off the island, can I? 🤣

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