Advertising Access Permanently Restricted

  1. There is nothing you can do. The same happened to us recently. Even with VIP support after spending over $1 million this year, they could only apologize and recommend getting a new FB account. They straight up told us that when the AI makes a final decision, there is nothing they can do. Disgusting company really.

  2. I've had the same issue and somebody from Fiverr fixed it for me. I have no idea what that person did on my account but it says reinstated and hasn't been restricted since.

  3. That's great. Would you please look at your order history on fiverr and send me their name so I can find them. Thank you!

  4. The bad news is its with 99.9% chance if you fail the idenity check your toast on that account. They never reinstate it. or if it does happen its one in a million.

  5. Generally speaking, there is not much you can do beyond talking to an official Facebook representative OR an assigned manager. However, only large agencies or big spenders get a personal manager assigned by Facebook.

  6. I have experienced the same thing back in 2019 and that time it was new.. I changed my WIFI service provider and got a new IP.. after spending a few days talking to fb support reps it was back but ya my business manager got restricted again. Hope it helps.

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