Personal FB account banned from advertising

  1. You should use business manager, it's easier to get response from facebook's end; and most of the time they wrongfully bans accounts.

  2. Use business manager to create a new ad account. Raise a ticket for this disabled ad account. They'll solve the issue or the least they can do is give you a proper explanation.

  3. I talked to them via Support Message, but it seems automated reply. Have to find other way to reach them. Anyway, thanks for suggestion!

  4. They won’t give you a proper explanation lol. They will only be able to guess why the AI banned you. Multiple support reps could only apologize to us. They said when the AI makes a decision, there is nothing they can do about it lol.

  5. People use it because of their user data, to reach the target audience. We only expect the transparency from them, which we don't get. If they give some genuine reason people will be careful not to commit same mistake. They just leave us in a dark.

  6. I get those all the time. FB opts on the conservative side when programming its bots that screen ad content for compliance. Non-violating material triggers this constantly, but there’s little to do except strive for compliant content and immediate requests for review. 🤷‍♀️plus echoing what everyone else mentioned…

  7. Thanks for take notice. I understand the compliance part. What I feel bad about is they disabled it even after all my ads were approved in a single go. I've never resubmitted.

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