Circumventing System.

  1. hop on chat support and explain the issue and have them stay on the line WHILE you create/edit an ad if the disable is instant. they might be able to help

  2. I got downvoted on another post for warning people that creating new ads can lead to this. All of the “pros” are telling people to test as much creative as possible now with the iOS changes. For regular people accounts, this is the type of thing you’re forced to deal with on Facebook. I’ll make a thousand changes to targeting before tweaking creative. Facebook is a mess.

  3. If you're doing dropshipping and stuff like that it might lead to this, brands with unique products and custom creatives don't need to worry about this.

  4. You need to make sure you delete those campaigns that were previously flagged as circumventing. When disabling your ad account, they don't just look at your current campaigns, they look at a lot of them, even if they are off or completed. Make sure those are deleted completely. Also, make sure when you use emojis, that they are the standard emojis. Some websites will give you versions of emojis that they've tweaked here and there and may not be in the language that FB recognizes, which will give you this flag. Use the browser extension Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels. If you copy and paste from there, you should be good with any of the emojis provided in that extension.

  5. I sounds like this was recently? How long did you have to wait until they reactivated/responded?

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