My FB Ads Conspiracy Theory

  1. I think about this often and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I see a lot of people saying to not go there and not be “that guy” when discussing this stuff, but after you spend a million on FB in a year you start to see how much manipulation there clearly is with their results, how much power they actually have. Different accounts get different results. Creative fatigue? Turn it off and make the same ad again and watch the new identical one make instant sales. Do business even somewhat similar to the way FB conducts itself? Get penalized with a low page feedback score and watch them bill you to the breaking point for worse results.

  2. absolutely my experience as well. Another one is when you are getting crap traffic and you drop budget, then almost instantly sales start coming in. It's like clockwork.

  3. It might be true because after some time results begin to decline and you always have to search for a new audience or create lookalikes to find a new audience. Their deliverability decreases and the cost of ads also increases with that.

  4. Facebook is known for lack of ethics. Leaked materials revealed they had purposely shown inflated estimates to make people spending

  5. I think you are spot on. The one consistent everyone has been having is inconsistency in their ads performance. They are giving us all just enough sales to stick around while they try and figure out this iOS debacle on the backend.

  6. Who would be willing to abstain from advertising on FB ads for a week? We’re all struggling yet still lining their pockets. $$ is the only language Facebook knows. If a large enough proportion of us stopped feeding this monster then they’d have no choice but to listen.

  7. They do have pretty good indication of people about to purchase something right? Someone for example looking actively at running shoes with a history of similar purchase patters they know with good certainty the person will make a purchase, correct?

  8. They are the biggest garbage who steal money at this moment, i advertised a lot in Greece and i was always getting new messages, maybe not sales but messages were there. A few months ago i was stoping my ads cuz i wasnt able to reply to all messages but now when i did an ad i received 10 messages only from people who are not in greece/greek. For 50 usd i was getting 100-200 messages and now i got only 10, this is a complete garbage!

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