Facebook Ads has gone completely insane today!

  1. Today’s CPM is 50% more than this month average, yesterday was excellent with a ROAS of 3.5. today so far almost 0 sales which is very unusual !

  2. What you people don't understand is that Facebook is just a front organization for an elite underground network of hardcore BDSM enthusiasts.

  3. Yes, something changed today. We have campaigns with Instagram messages as the goal and we received absolutely terrible leads. And cost per message doubled.

  4. man I'm getting fucked on both ends like its some sort of Brazzers gangbang. First by Facebook at the frontend with completely fucked performance because of IOS and then by the payment processor at the backend because of dumbass customers who chargeback for anything, 99% of which aren't my fault. Idiots placing the wrong address at checkout then charging back because package isn't delivered, scammers who slip past my fraud prevention tool, or complete fucking liars who just want their money back. Most of the time the bank sides with these assholes.

  5. Our CPM’s at top of funnel have gone up by 3-4x depending on the ad set, getting sick of this inconsistency with Facebook. Trying out Snapchat to diversify our traffic but not getting much back.

  6. We're experiencing the same thing. We we're achieving 30-70 conversions per day, now we're luck to get 2! Really hoping there is a workaround for this...

  7. Same issue here 😡 !!! @ first I thought it was the IOS 14 updates but nah , it’s just awful the cost per conversion is waaay too high

  8. Yes CPM dropped but conversions dropped too on my side. Will keep updated tomorrow to see if this gets better. As I suggested in the other topic we should make a discord server between media buyers to keep up on this situation & exchange some tips in the future.

  9. CPMs are back down to early last week numbers, but CPAs are about 30% higher. This seems normal as it is on trend with more and more people opting out. I wish FB kept advertisers informed about the updates and changes they are making ;)

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