Launched my first product, feedback requested

  1. Good start! However everything is showing sold out? I would reccomend having high quality images of the packaging and lifestyle with the cards. Especially on the home page. Writing out what your product is but i would rather see pictures of the cards in action. Also i had a hard time finding a clear product catalog, it seemed kind of hard to navigate! Great start though! And good luck!

  2. Thanks, the only product that sold out was Anything that you want theme.. i only got 5 of those and gave them away to the local school my child goes too. Everything else is still in stock, are you seeing that on other themes?

  3. It seems like an interesting idea. But, tbh, I'm not really sure because I'm not sure what exactly it is. You need some kind of visual demonstration or something. A more succinct explanation. You really need to hone that message. It's absolutely unclear.

  4. I love your comments and appreciate them a lot. I am changing the design, and adding images . Can i message you when its ready. Its not complex for, 4 year old, you should definitely try it..

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