1. Yes. Too soon to know if it worked. I think it helped a little bit so far, though...

  2. You might try stem cells or exosomes if all else fails. I just did. Too soon for me to tell if it’s working… it works in mice, though.

  3. Sounds very interesting, definitely something I haven't heard anyone try before. how long would you have to wait to notice any difference?

  4. They said 6 months, but I think I felt a bit better after a few days.

  5. You could, uhh, try a stem cell injection, which is why I think you came to this sub haha.

  6. After 10 years, maybe you want to try a stem cell or exosomes injection. It works in mice.

  7. I just had a stem cell injection. It’s too early to tell if it’s helping with my symptoms. People with bladder and Crohn’s respond well to stem cell therapy, so that’s why I’m trying it. Quercitin and flower pollen also help me. Stretching didn’t do shit for me.

  8. I just did a stem cell injection for cpps. It’s too soon to know if it worked. If I had symptoms for 4 years, I’d definitely try stem cell therapy if you can afford it.

  9. But what have do to stem cells with the pelvic floor? I know them only for brain issues.

  10. They work like an anti-inflammatory but the anti-inflammatory effects last for years or permanently.

  11. I have all the same symptoms as you, but not all at once... My symptoms come and go in cycles. I had a stem cell injection... I hope it will help with some of my symptoms, but it's too early to tell at this point. As someone else suggested, Dr. Hauser might give you some good insight. I think he probably does telemedicine, so you don't need to actually go to Florida. GL!

  12. What were you diagnosed with? And how did your symptoms come about? I’m curious kuz I’ve been looking for an answer for 6 years myself

  13. I have orthopedic injuries from an accident 5 years ago that never healed right and snowballed into a bunch of other problems. I suspect I'm not healing correctly because of a medication I took years ago... That's how I found the flox community. I never took fluoroquinolone but I have many of the same symptoms as floxies.

  14. Right. So you didn't have ATI. aTI is specifically an injection of your own tendon stem cells. Presumably you have had Mesenchymal stem cells. Perhaps from your own body fat?

  15. I had unbiblical stem cells from a donor. Maybe I will try ATI if I don't get good results.

  16. If you’re thinking about stem cells, set up an appointment asap. It’s about a 6month waiting period to get into some clinics. GL!

  17. I don’t mind euphemisms, even if they seem condescending. But I understand why they bother some people. I personally prefer to be called a cripple, but most people seem uncomfortable using that word.

  18. keep us updated on what your urologist says about this!

  19. Crossing my fingers and toes for us both!! Where is your appointment? I'm honestly thinking of just renting a car. LA to Tuscon is an 8.6 hour drive one way, might invite my cousin and make a road trip of it

  20. I’m gonna take a plane. 4 hour round trip with overnight :(

  21. It's possible to solve this problem without doing MCMC simulations, isn't it?

  22. Yes, definitely and some others have posted about it in comments

  23. Keep us updated! I'm in the same boat. My flight is on the 6th and my appointment is on the 5th. I'm doing the same thing you are.

  24. holy shit. I'm glad this worked for you. But i don't want to electrically zap my privates...

  25. I am ambulatory, but it's very painful to walk or stand. I'm going to ask a pain management doctor next week if he can write me a script for a powerchair. If he won't, I'll just buy one.

  26. https://golden.com/query/list-of-regenerative-medicine-companies-AN9

  27. WTH?? I'm flabbergasted! What in the world are you supposed to do in physical therapy for Pancreatitis???

  28. The point is for the patient to give the clinic more munny.

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