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  1. i thought i couldn’t lose anymore money until monday! crypto crash hooray

  2. It crashed in April IIRC and BTC from $30k went to over $60k. So long term PROBABLY it will get back up, especially now when it got so more legitimised.

  3. ASTS under $9 now. I'll be buying and stepping it up some around $8

  4. By AH end it might lick low 7s if this continue.

  5. Any thoughts on this claim that MVIS role in the consortium is less that we think. Not sure what to make of it, his account is very lazr heavy but i don’t like dismissing unfavorable news as immediate FUD until i learn more

  6. Yes - fact that he is LAZR fanboi and stays on MVIS sub trying to downplay everything tells more than enough for me.

  7. I did not touch it when it IPOed, I'm not touching it now. Maybe there's money to be made, and I wish anyone hopping on this one good luck, but I can't do puts and BuzzFeed is cancerous IMO.

  8. Holy crap, didnt realize BARK was at $4.60. Anything fundamental happen news wise in the last 3 weeks, or is this just "punish it because it's a SPAC" like AVPT?

  9. I thought I was getting a deal in the am when I sold fst warrants at 2.30. Nope they actually went up during the day and closed at 3.28. Maybe retail is out and Chatham is left holding heavy bags or we can have our first deal off that goes back on.

  10. -MVIS goes to germany for IAA

  11. AVPT is my biggest uhm... pain (?) as worst case scenario I assumed it will be hovering around $10 and yet it's oversold at low $6s. I bought a lot in low $9s thinking it was bargain and yet here we are. AVPT got an award as leader in SaaS few days ago

  12. https://twitter.com/unusual_whales/status/1466312471992430595?t=LwfRFH2HtxuW5-LTprwUeA&s=19

  13. sorry....im fired up right now. The ENTIRE stock market is a JOKE.

  14. I wanna see Investorplace try and take a dump on this PR, I’m sure they have it in them to find the most negative points to focus on

  15. Oh they will find a way. Thing is not to believe bullcrap they write.

  16. NASDAQ starting to crawl back up but I think it's bait. Wouldn't be surprised to see it end the day at -1.5%.

  17. Definitely too early to talk about crawling back IMO.

  18. Doesn't constitute as proof though, etoro let us cast votes, whether they submitted everyones individual votes is anyone's guess.

  19. Fair enough and I'm not suggesting anyone.

  20. I've mentioned this before but it seems to me the 113.48% short interest is connected with GME trading stopping after 3:34 on friday

  21. Why would they stop trading then ? I'm bit out of the loop.

  22. There is talk on the sub about an shf getting liquidated monday. Now we see the short interest rise to 113% yesterday. Ofcourse this is wildly tinfoil but it would make sense that trading would be halted in such an event so all the bad actors can collect themselves and somewhat 'true' SI gets reported in the aftermath

  23. Bit off topic - apparently GME is reported to have it's SI jumped from around 10% to over 100%.

  24. Well, Yippee, it’s my 66th today, good thing I’m a “Glass Half FULL” kinda guy…

  25. For he's a jolly good feeeeeeEllow ! That nobody can't deny !

  26. I had a dream that DCRC went to $44.14. I do not think this will actually happen, but in case it does I need to post it here so I can use it as proof that I am psychic.

  27. That's a rookie number my friend. Psychic some more.

  28. And why do you assume that ? We do LFTs, but at that time day 2 PCRs were still a thing and it looks it's coming back.

  29. You said 2 months ago and pcr wasn’t required 2 months ago. I was just curious why you’d chosen to use pcr or if it was required from Poland

  30. It was still required. They changed that end of October.

  31. I hear wind blowing outside from time to time. That's it.

  32. I started day with extra £5k in red, ended with just extra £4.2k in red. I was afraid it will be double that so not that bad.

  33. Similar. It wasn't as bad as it could've been and I think we might have a chance for rally. So doing what you did, or just sitting that one out might be best way of living through this Friday.

  34. I got scared and sold most of my GENI, the Webull account is safe.

  35. Both are safe. It's just today/next week of pain and panic will be gone. But we have to live that through first ;)

  36. Ehhh I should've waited with buying S&P ETFs yesterday :/ Most probably I'm gettting another paper ATL from where I was in March and I will be glad for less than $5k (though it wil probably be around $10k easy). Checking account today will be fooking harsh.

  37. I’d be surprised if it was. Showed some life AH. But agree. That would suck

  38. SI was less than 200k shares. So with those redemptions it's about 10% now. IMHO chances for squeeze are very low, and anything going crazy will be pump and dump. But good luck.

  39. He won’t dare show his face while his baby ORGN is way under $10. I’m sure if it ever moons he’ll be right back day 1 to gloat about his “victory”.

  40. My early retirement plans gave this plan a seal of approval as well.

  41. If its 1 car per 10 hours so how its 250k per year?

  42. I think it's not per hour, but clock hours needed to finish one car (ef a lot more manhours ofc), and there are tens of cars being constructed simultaneously on the line.

  43. I have no idea.. all I see is FB poaching and poking into LBS.

  44. Pure hopium, but that's a valid argument. Plus it would give him a strong hand grasping HL2 and IVAS producer by the balls. Hmmm...

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