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  1. So if Ontario sub loves Beaverton, and Canada sub loves Toronto Sun.

  2. Naw. That just means the Ontario sub dabbles more in fiction and the Canada sub in reality.

  3. We are currently overseeing one of the largest wealth transfers in history, from the poor to the rich. People who live paycheque to paycheque are seeing their savings destroyed and those who are wealthy are seeing their assets protected with inflation.

  4. I’ve got a genuine question. Are there two sets of commenters on this subreddit or does public opinion change depending on the headline of the article?

  5. This subreddit has a fairly wide diversity of opinion. Some threads will attract more left leaning types and some will attract more right leaning types, and it probably has some part to do with the source.

  6. There are some schools that don't dabble in child porn. It's not a very high bar to ask for.


  8. No. Better idea: Ban all bureaucrats and politicians from flying in private jets. The red meat consumption of every Canadian in the country would only ever amount to a fraction of that.

  9. If a food service trucker unloads or helps unload a pallet of food, or takes a piss or gets paperwork signed etc. at every restaurant and cafeteria on his route, that’s hardly a solitary job.

  10. By that logic, every grocery store worker would be slaughtered by shoppers 10x over throughout this pandemic.

  11. Grocery store workers are some of the most at risk workers exactly because of this. 10x slaughter is your own added hyperbole

  12. You don't even have a clue about what the numbers are. I'll give you a place to start, in retail (not just food retail) in BC, there have been 139 approved COVID claims in the last 12 months. BC has had almost 300,000 total cases. And for any employers out there, they know how friendly WorkSafe is to workers when it comes to approving onus on claims. That's it.

  13. Thought provoking and well written analysis of the shifts taking place within Canadian Supreme Court and upcoming cases that may further split the Court.

  14. I posted the article because it does touch on a good theme throughout the article which is important - it's a good description of the history. However, Sean Fine's examples throughout for the most part are terrible and cherry picked.

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