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  1. One day I did the laundry, made naan, did a workout video and took a nap.

  2. Credit checking is standard. A person with poor credit is a person who could be bribed for intell, for company secrets, or whatever might be something someone else wants. It’s sad, because a person who has been unemployed for a while is likely going to have run up some debts or borrowed money to survive. Even in jobs that don’t have anything to do with a register or handle money at all, a poor credit score is strangely attached to an employees worthiness and it shouldn’t be that way. In order to create a larger hiring pool some places are lowering the score, so the 550 might not be such an issue soon.

  3. Also checking the Native American/Eskimo box will get you interest too.

  4. I’d like to know more about what kind of junk people paid to have hauled away.

  5. So I take it you have seen hoarders up close? I wonder sometimes what the percentage of people are hoarders, I figure it’s a lot more than expected. With rents rising and homes selling fast that more hoarding issues are going to come to light as people get evicted, die or sell their home just to take the money and run.

  6. a straight dick is a nice find, I don't like those dicks with a curve or bend in them. not a fan of manboobs. prefer ripped pecs and abs but that's just me.

  7. That way too many vaginas under one roof, I’m including Theo.

  8. That’s why you make all your accounts private

  9. I never understood why people accept friend requests from coworkers. I’ve never hit a decline button quicker than when my boss sent me a friend request. My coworker thought it would send a bad message to the boss if she didn’t accept it…fuck that.

  10. Your coworker is stupid. Your boss has one goal and that is to maximize business profit. They are not requesting access to your social media in order to make friends. The goal of the worker runs counter to the goal of the manager. The goal of the worker is to maximize their pay while minimizing work input (hours). Setting boundaries between your boss and your social life is an important tool. Remember, management is manipulation, and the boss would love for you to forget that your goals are in opposition.

  11. her nickname was Dingbat. We didn’t operate on a profit model, so there wasn’t that at stake. The boss wanted to be friends, but we weren’t friends. I had another boss there who kept wanting me and my spouse to go out to dinner with her and her spouse, like why? I don’t want to be your friend, and your spouse sounds like the biggest asshole. You cannot trust coworkers, even if it isn’t obvious they almost all have their noses up the ass of their boss, they can’t help it and most people would throw another person under the bus to take the focus off themselves in a heartbeat.

  12. I bought ProTapes Pro Flex Flexible Butyl All Weather Patch and Shield Repair Tape and that shit works and I fear the day I ever have to remove it. The roll fell on its side while on the top of an old piece of furniture and it stuck there with such force I had to pry the roll off. It is weatherproof, waterproof and seriously heavy duty tape. One of the reviews says you could patch a boat with this stuff, I believe it. I used it on the edges of a window AC unit to seal the edges and I have no doubt it will outlast the AC unit.

  13. Nah. Its actually getting better. I haven't seen my mail carrier this happy in years. She's the best barometer for worker sentiment.

  14. Find a job somewhere rich people congregate and marry a rich person, male or female, it doesn't matter, that's the quickest way to not have to work again and have money. There is nothing wrong with being a kept spouse.

  15. You are not dumb. Your ears aren’t trained to hear, listen and comprehend voices over the phone yet. I’ve worked a drive thru window and answered the busy phone line for a state agency, and I had the same issue. Eventually your brain will change how it processes the sounds through the phone and it won’t be so challenging. I felt the same way you do now and then one day, after a few months actually, everything just clicked and I felt wholly confident and could even handle phone calls while my coworker had the office TV on way too loud. It just takes a little time to get used to hearing things differently. I bet you get there quicker than I did. Don’t be afraid to have the person repeat themselves or repeat the order and address back to them to get it right. Also, if you serve a general area pull up a online map and just review some street names and real estate listings will give you subdivision names, your brain will start recall common ones and you won’t have to guess at the spelling after a while. You’ll get it, give it a few weeks, it gets easier.

  16. You’re an idiot sandwich for even bringing this up. I get loads of bruises that i have no idea where they come from. Fuck you for trying to make someone feel insecure about something they can’t help.

  17. Weird. So you look abused too? Do you find people treat you differently because they can see your abuse?

  18. I’m in a long distance relationship and people don’t normally assume I’m being abused. I might get questions occasionally. And respond, “no idea. I bruise easy, it’s normal for me. And yes, my doctor knows.”

  19. So you aren't physically abused due to distance, but it does sound like you are a victim of verbal or psychological abuse. I'm so sorry you are going through this, best of luck to you.

  20. Pretty sure they look to temp agencies to fill those positions.

  21. Can we change the cat to something else? Like maybe a crow?

  22. Unless they are changing your pay, move on and get over it.

  23. If we strike, I'm going to spend the day shopping, so no one strike if you work at Target or Walmart because I need this day off sooo bad, like you don't even understand...also no one strike at Ulta or REI.

  24. I don't own any stock in fast food places, I think I'll be alright

  25. sounds familiar. My office took 20 years to start doing things electronically. It makes a lot of sense, until everyone is done with their part of a project and it comes back to me. I'm required to print everything out and hole punch it, put it in a binder so that someone else who is working from home can take a look at it the next time they are in the office and put their initials on it. And then that binder has to make it's way to another office. It's all available electronically, they could approve it from home, from the beach, from another country if they had to, but no, I have to come in to use the printer and a hole punch and walk something 50 feet. And the things that can and should be done through email, there's still a few people I work with who want to fax things or mail them in an envelope, because they don't want to have to check their email for a response, when I can just drive into the office to use the fax machine and open mail.

  26. why not? just say you have allergies, no one knows the difference.

  27. You have to become unemployed through no fault of your own. You cannot quit your job and get unemployment. Your stress is caused by your employment but it is not reason alone to be cause of your unemployment. If you want to use the stress of the job you could try to take medical leave or disability leave if your job provides that. Unemployment is not enough to survive on for a single person, certainly not enough for a family. Your employer is notified if you apply for unemployment and can fight it, especially if you decided to quit. Reasons for leaving that are not fault of the employee are the business closes, workforce reduction where they let you go, things where the decision to leave was not yours.

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