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  1. this was too short to make into a post but i did not know this was hunter's (jules) first acting job . she is doing an amazing job

  2. She is a former teacher 😂 so maybe she wants to get back into THAT game lol. Drugs are boring. Teaching high schoolers lessons? That’s the drama she craves.

  3. omg some people on this sub are geniuses i never put that together 😭

  4. omg the visuals and the tension between the actors . the wardrobe the hair . this scene was iconic for me it made me want to finish my applications for film schools no joke .

  5. Amazing actor. So much range! It feels like just yesterday I was shipping him with Lexie Grey lol

  6. omg i just commented on another post saying i want to see the older derek so bad now i kind of don't bc in my head he is Dempsey thank you for this 😭😭😭😭

  7. it literally makes me want to go back and watch episodes before this and really pay attention to some the things cal says . like when maddy was leaving their house i forgot what exactly he says but his episode but it into perspective.

  8. what show / movie is this from ? i've been looking for this meme forever

  9. with everything they had going on . finding the time and the body would be difficult. what happened to the body lol

  10. and not to mention cassie's daddy issues and need for male attention is screaming this whole episode. if you haven't been in her situation people have definitely had a bestie or two doing the same thing . school and relationships were hard lol

  11. their are so many bestie duos they remind me of . does anybody else get santana and quinn vibes form them as well

  12. i loved their little love story . the visuals, the tensions it was so beautiful 😭 young cal and derek were hottt. i hope the writers show the older version of him. also i'm living for the theory that nate's mom got pregnant on purpose bc she knew how close derek and cal were .

  13. fez's facial expressions were so funny . "and you recorded it ?" cal tries to say he didn't know . you literally set up a tripod

  14. when maddy said "bitch you better be joking" i lost it . bc what was cassie thinking with that outfit , she is really spiraling 😭😭😭

  15. Someone said when they all got together it felt like a crossover😂

  16. i said that before i seen this comment lol. when they were all at the dance in S1 it was satisfying seeing the storylines come together lol

  17. yes i love the scenes of them together they feel like little crossovers in each other's life . it's also sweet how they all were worried when rue said she was back on drugs . it's sad they can't see it's a lot more than weed tho .

  18. and then shaving everyday bc nate prefers hairless . the ingrowns she might get omg 😭

  19. it was far from boring. cassie having an internal breakdown, ashtray beating cals ass , jules interrogating elliot .

  20. Depiction of how disgusting college hazing can be to further add to McKay's all around awful time at college.

  21. i googled it and an article with this answer came up . ugh i just feel like they didn't have to have him be raped then never spoken abt again to show that . i figured the writer was brining light to male sexual assault or something but it's never mentioned again 🤣

  22. im a new watcher .im 19 y/o and i watched fez and nate's fight scene on tik tok and decided to watch the show. and i fell in love with it lol. i join the reddit for all my shows bc i love discussing them. i often ask questions but i try to preface them with saying something like "i don't know if this has been asked already." some times i don't even realize the the meaning of some scenes and some times i completely over analyze them too so it's been a learning curve for me i guess. i just wanted to add my comment to show you guys that we aren't all bad lol. although i haven't came up with any theories or believed the ones you're mentioning so i think im good.

  23. i can't even think of a character i despise so much bc they all have flaws . except like jenna but i do defend my faves like i get paid for it i need to stop . thanks for this post

  24. for me rue . i have a lot of anxiety abt most social situations and when she was depressed and couldn't move from the bed i felt exactly how she felt . but i don't do drugs lol well i smoke but that other stuff is a no.

  25. why are y’all mad in the comments 💀💀 im a elena stand and a rebekah stan but y’all are being lame taking it far 😭

  26. lmao . i've never gotten rebekah hate on a post before i was surprised . everyone is right abt rebekah being petty etc but idc i still love her i can't help it .

  27. Id much rather have adults then actual minors unless they were upcoming ones who are 18-19

  28. weren’t the vampire diaries characters in high school and the actors looked nothing like teenagers? tbf, i feel like people are just picking on things about euphoria that honestly aren’t a big deal. whether to hate just for the sake of hating or to be like “oh look at me, i have a different opinion to everyone else.” 🙄

  29. yes tvd is the first thing i thought when i seen people on twitter complaining

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