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  • By - qch

  1. No book recommendation but wanted to chime in since I have a grandmother who I absolutely adore as well! If you have access to an iPad (or similar tablet) I highly recommend getting her one! I gave my 97 year old grandma one last year when her sight started failing. She was an avid reader and would speed through books like crazy but suddenly couldn’t see. She was so depressed for months.

  2. qch says:

    Thanks a lot! Unfortunately she is not very good with technology… She has tried iPads and kindles, but she does prefer to read in paper.

  3. Dshamilia by Dschingis aitmatov is relatively short and I read it in german, it’s not new though

  4. Pretty much every sysadmin I've worked with can install Postfix and set it up to receive email. I think this says more about the freelance market than the specific problem you have.

  5. qch says:

    Good point, thanks!

  6. Are you already on Office 365 (assuming the attachment sizes are under 150 MB)? I've done similar with shared mailboxes and Power Automate flows for processing either processing payroll reports from Aloha Online and SFTPing them to the payroll provider or for pushing SMS to Email from RingCentral to a MFA channel on Teams.

  7. qch says:

    Thanks! But I am worried that I hit some internal, undocumented limit if I use it to process mass inbound email.

  8. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/exchange-online-service-description/exchange-online-limits#receiving-and-sending-limits

  9. qch says:

    Thanks, I will take a look. This can be paired with Azure Logic Apps as well.

  10. I do something like this for my real-estate agent emails with

  11. Haraka with a plugin could do this. It has a lot of features, but it's easy to run and you can ignore the features you don't need.

  12. qch says:

    If you know how to work with APIs, using the Stripe API, you can get the invoice PDF URL in the invoice_pdf attribute of the Invoice object:

  13. HIPAA isn't just for stored PHI, it's using, processing, storing or transmitting PHI.

  14. You can use the Metadata service to check instance details and product code. Found AWS documentation which describes this setup:

  15. qch says:

    Awesome, thanks! It even comes with a signature.

  16. I'm sorry you think ECS/Fargate is too complex! Please check out

  17. qch says:

    Yes, I love copilot!

  18. qch says:

    Looks neat. Thanks!

  19. qch says:

    Would convert to grayscale (removing colors) work for you?

  20. qch says:

    What do you mean by a PDF drawing app?

  21. qch says:

    What are the size of those PDFs?

  22. I am very reluctant to go for a lower resolution. Most of the value of these books are their illustrations. They all contain 19th century plate engravingsand their detail they have is half their value to me. Most of these pdfs seem to fall in between 50-100MB in size.

  23. qch says:

    Those files are HUGE! You can have a lower dpi version to browse comfortably, and save the large full-dpi files as a “master copy”.

  24. qch says:

    How do you want to personalize each PDF? Adding a watermark, changing some text, etc?

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