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  1. Gausman Berrios Manoah Ryu Strip? OR RAY?!?!?

  2. Beautiful website. looks like you may have already incorporated some of the feedback. Good luck!

  3. Agree strongly on the logo piece. It’s going to be the face and first impression of your brand. The logo isn’t the only part of a brand, but can’t have a brand without one.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. We have now included our logo!

  5. Hi everyone! My wife and I have been working hard on our company/Shopify site for a few months. We are using the 'Motion' theme and are focused on Canada, specifically the cottage/cabin/camp/chalet niche markets.

  6. Good luck OP! I have 5 seeds from my Redecan Wappa a month or so ago.

  7. Soak them in a shot glass for a full day first then paper towel. Use good water!!!

  8. Thank you, will do. I had read that...think 'distilled' was recommended?

  9. Check out Pipe17. They connect apps, sync order inventory data and route and split orders from Shopify, Amazon, Walmart etc to 3pls.

  10. I would check out ShipDaddy. Every one of their customers gets a dedicated slack channel with the people on the floor picking and packing the products. They are also super knowledgeable about eCommerce in general.

  11. Good front image :) Need to put a few products on the front page so people can see prices asap.

  12. Thank you! Good idea. Building relationships with partners at the moment...will certainly add some teaser items when ready!

  13. You've tried so far but you will need a complete design so as to make your store ready for marketing. I will love to give you more inputs about what you need done.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts!

  15. Hey OP, this is a great discussion. I was looking for some opinion on this myself.

  16. The website outlines what type of income will result in a clawback and which doesn’t.

  17. Really? That's amazing. I was unable to find the specific info on the maternity site. Do you mind sending me the link? Sorry to be a pain!

  18. Look at “What will happen if I work or receive other payments during my benefit period”

  19. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!! Mighty kind of you, we will read up.

  20. Do you have another link? That one doesn't seem to display the story.

  21. Thanks for pointing that out. Weird, I don't for this article...all others seem to be broken for this article as well.

  22. I live in Beeton, moved here 5+ years ago from Oakville.

  23. Was free samples they were handing out. It's over now

  24. This looks like one of the Collection style ads. They have a few variations that allow for this kind of look with a lead image/video at the top with a carousel of images and CTAs along the bottom. If you spin up a new campaign and toy around with the Collection style you should see some of this in your Ads Manager.

  25. Hey guys, Amazon Canada has it for pre-order again...

  26. Does the "'River Crest Fire Pit' system" have ventilation of the pit, out of the sides? Something like 2 4" x 10" openings with grills or screen?

  27. Not that I can see in pictures...or find noted in their specs anywhere.

  28. So that sounds like a wood burning pit. A pit with a gas drop in "tray" filled with glass or whatever will have a void below it. It is important to ventilate the void to prevent build up of combustible gasses, moisture etc.

  29. Thank you for the sage advice and heads up...good point. We have a Unilock certified contractor handling the firepit structure build and a certified gas tech handling the gas lines and insert install....I'll flag this with both and see what they say.

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