1. I use to be on imgur a lot before I moved over to reddit. Good for memes and killing time.

  2. I work with large brands in the e-commerce space and have for 10 years. IMO shopify is a poorly executed platform that is just hobbled together with tape and twine.

  3. Depends on what you wanna do. If you get into CLV, RFM territory and you want tight integrations with marketing automation tooling, research the eco system. You will find that the ease of integration and vendor options are huge and uncomparable to any other vendor at this point in time.

  4. Very interesting, what are the most valuable apps that you use? I want you to take a look around

  5. The worst thing is the shipping. You have to download an app (boxing) for it to figure out the correct box size to ship to other countries. They only use one box size as default. As someone with thousands of items on our website, it sucks going back and doing this. I guess if you are more focused then this will be a non issue but for us it’s such a pain having American customers not be able to purchase because of our default box size. (And if we change default box size, shipping costs for domestic customers would be waaaaay higher)

  6. Interesting. What country are you shipping from? It does seem illogical to calculate fees for a whole order on just 1 box size. What particular fees are high for you? Is it the shipping labels?

  7. thats a battalion of soldiers that you massacred

  8. What you have described is not how accuracy works, either. The best way to judge accuracy is to just use the table below since all of these values are drawn straight from empirical testing in the game. No, I don't really see a pattern either, welcome to Wargame.

  9. well I’ll be damned, how does Eugene even program something like this? It doesnt seem to follow any formulas

  10. I dunno if I’m ever gona afford to buy all of them, and 60% vs 92% accuracy is a world of difference, not accounting for morale, stun bonus etc.

  11. Excuse my ignorance; but what is a black beret? I'm assuming SK special forces but at what level?

  12. Is this a reversed version of the F-35 meme?

  13. no as you can see the wing canals and and engine exhaust clearly indicates better stealth profile however slightly larger RCS of the J-35

  14. Being on a mountain is easily the worst place to have a conflict. For the soldiers I mean.

  15. It would appear that these extremist were just trying to protect themselves from an ongoing battle outside their homes. I don't think you should take their sticks

  16. yes nmcmdsnvbsdnisoamcskiusdnvisunaindbnvdsyf7ynusdhcsbhcdndiauhiybedncauiasjcgbfhdvjnsuiuiasci

  17. In principle this should work fine, but what you're describing doesn't sound good.

  18. Typically, people with CS degrees have a stronger background in computer science theory.

  19. Very new and interesting concepts to me. Thanks

  20. Last 25 years, we've built operational models on traditional data warehouses/databases - a lot of them attributed to embedded rules in the code. If X then do Y else if P then do Q etc., types. Rules are extremely easy to understand and were developed in the past by domain experts and consultants who translate their experience and best practices to code to make automated decisions.

  21. Has your company successfully implemented ML strategies?

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