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  1. Anytime I see "the world reacts to x" I know it's shit.

  2. Los Angeles putting on a facade to cover up something ugly? Never woulda guessed

  3. It's really the whole country. It's just throwing a rug over the stain so the neighbors don't see.

  4. I too would rather eat molded fruit than rat poisen...

  5. I’d be more at peace with it if it wasn’t the fact he reportedly wants Dan Quinn

  6. Considering some of the other options for coach Quinn is not so bad.

  7. Bears have interviewed more people for their openings than people who saw CATS in theater.

  8. The thing is they are already a super talented team. They will fall apart in a few years. Top picks are important.

  9. Of course? Starfield isn't out so why would it be in full production.

  10. This sub will implode if Daboll goes to NY and we get someone like Frazier

  11. From Albert Breer’s latest MMQB. If Poles is the guy, you have to empower him with a #2 who does have experience with roster management and salary cap issues. Otherwise, we’re potentially heading down the same path we did with Pace.

  12. It's impossible for anyone who has not done the job before to have the experience of said job. I don't think Pace failed because of his lack of experience in one area or another. He failed because he made the wrong decisions. There is a lot more luck in that than just having experience.

  13. Is there even enough data in this set to be talking about outliers?

  14. No one liked it then. It's crazy we still have to see this.

  15. I really don't get the soft ass defense at the end.

  16. both defenses look absolutely gassed

  17. I know Brady is capable of 28-3 type comebacks, but against the Rams defense, that’d be a big feat.

  18. It also took the Falcons offensive to fall apart.

  19. They have proven that the cap is an illusion with how they are over the cap every year.

  20. The only reason I would want them to buy EA would be for Bioware. EA has bastardized some of my favorite series because of their ignorance and arrogance.

  21. I feel like if this was true he wouldn't be coaching at all.

  22. Excited for the Mundane Employment Cinematic Universe to really take off

  23. Hopefully they can keep him cleaner than they did today. Need more Oline investment.

  24. Yeah hard to see a good case for either deserving a second chance at HC

  25. On the back of a Kyle Shanahan offense, and then the team collapsed after Shanahan went to SF

  26. They went to the playoffs and won a game the following year. Hardly a collapse. I am not arguing for Quinn to be the coach but he is a step up over Bowles.

  27. Can’t have positive tests if you don’t test

  28. The math checks out. Cases go up when we test. If we didn't test we would have no cases. Pandemic solved.

  29. Are they in the Poles position to hire him?

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