1. There's likely another plugin causing a conflict. Have you tried setting up a staging site and disabling all plugins except for Woo?

  2. It depends on your hosting setup. I'd chat with hosting support and see if they can help you set it up.

  3. For POS (card present, not ecommerce)? I thought POS was typically lower

  4. You also check out free bubble bootcamp offered by Airdev at

  5. Were they of any use? Any you can recommend?

  6. The Bubble Beginner's Bootcamp by Gregory John was fantastic. It doesn't cover everything, but it gives a solid foundation to build on when you're brand new to Bubble. So far the other courses I bought have been disappointing and aren't very thorough, so Gregory John's is the only one I can recommend so far.

  7. Both require a strong understanding of your market and the ability to effectively market your business. SAAS just has WAY higher profit margin. I have a retail business, as well, and after shipping costs and taxes, it's about 6-8% profit.

  8. Customer convenience is especially important in places like coffee shops. Almost no one will notice a 3% price increase but everyone will notice a more inconvenient way to pay. They'll also start switching over to the coffee shop down the road that isn't as inconvenient.

  9. Stripe has recently started handling this for merchants using Stripe as their payment processor. Might look into it.

  10. "Free returns" could simply mean no restocking fees. It's a pretty vague phrase, tbh, but it does help with conversions. My official policy is that returns are free, but customer has to get the product to us... But I often cover return shipping so the customer feels like I went above and beyond to take care of them. It has won me a lot of repeat business.

  11. Capital One Spark for business gets 2% cash back on EVERY purchase. I've had months where I got 2-3K back and paid the card off every week so I never got charged interest. I haven't been able to find a better offer.

  12. I've been using US Bank for 4 businesses I run and have never experienced issues. That being said, there also aren't really any perks beyond the usual standard checking account perks. But it's been reliable, and I've never had problems sending checks through my online account or receiving large deposits (avg 5-7K, sometimes up to 200K). Never had them hold money or deposits, either.

  13. Check out Zoho One if you haven't already. It replaced 6 or 7 other software subscriptions for us.

  14. Yep. Par for the course right now, and I doubt that'll change any time soon.

  15. It depends on your skillset, honestly. For someone with hard and soft skills, being able to build well AND optimize for conversions, $100/hr is an absolute minimum.

  16. You might check on Loopnet to see what rates are in your area. Rates will vary wildly depending on location and how new/nice a space is, of course, but that might at least help you gauge if that price is reasonable.

  17. I would just do no returns outside your country.

  18. 4% CR is unlikely unless you're an established brand and have a really solid website from a conversion rate optimization standpoint, and a decent ad strategy. 1-2% is more realistic for most businesses, and typically much lower (0.2-0.5%) if the website was a DIY project by someone without experience in positioning your offer for the web specifically (most don't, which is why the expense of a reputable agency can really pay off).

  19. Thank you for your reply. It just seems to me that even if you have higher conversion rate of 4%, the profit you need to get per conversion is quite high to even make it worth it. Of course, this is what the market has set (if you ignore the recent revelations about Facebook and Google).

  20. For advertisers with lower margins, Google and social ads aren't always the best for your marketing strategy. It also depends on what kind of products or services you sell, though. If your customers could easily become repeat customers, other forms of follow-up marketing once you have their email and phone number become much more important to bring down marketing costs. It's not out of the ordinary to lose money on the first transaction you have with a customer, but then if you keep getting repeat business from them through email advertising, SMS, push notifications, mailers, etc, you can end up making a profit off of them in the long run.

  21. Stripe integrates both already. What's different about your integration? Is it just for people not using Stripe?

  22. +1 for Shipstation. You'll save a lot more than trying to use your own UPS/FedEx accounts, at least until you're shipping 200+ packages a day and have some negotiation leverage.

  23. You should be able to reach out to your rep and tell them you're going to need better rates. In my experience, they've both been pretty easy to negotiate with, but you might not get better UPS rates than Shipstation until you hit a little higher volume. If you aren't already using shipstation, you definitely should check it out to see if the rates would be better through them. Essentially, shipstation is just buying postage for the three major carriers, but they have discounted rates regardless of volume.

  24. You are fking amazing! This is extremely helpful boss and I’ll definitely check them out. I also found that we are assigned to an account manager when we start shipping high volumes?

  25. At the agency I work for, everything is smart..

  26. IMO, Smart campaigns are the Google equivalent of boosting a post on FB, probably even worse. It's great for Google, but for the client it's almost always money down the drain vs. an optimized manual campaign.

  27. It's usually not worth it. Think about it. If you were making millions of dollars, why would you waste your time trying to create a bunch of competition for yourself? It doesn't make any sense at all. Those guys will try to sell you courses all day long because they realized they can't successfully sell anything except a course promising to make people money.

  28. Yeah that always makes me suspicious also. Some of these people have a bunch of advertisements for their courses but non for the actual e-commerce business and whatnot that they claim to run, which makes me think why would you not in any way present your other main businesses to being in even more sales. Thanks for your opinion :)

  29. The only guy I do recommend checking out is Earnest Epps. I know him personally, and he's legit. Runs about 12 stores, mostly through teams he employs, and he occasionally does courses. I took one of his courses focusing on Google shopping ads, and it saved me about 40% on my average CPC by applying what I learned in that course. At the time I was spending about $20,000 a month on ads, so it was a huge ROI for me.

  30. Last I checked, their minimums were fairly high, around $10,000 a month. Imo, that's a pretty high price to test a platform to see if it's going to produce a return. It's been a hot minute since I looked into it, though.

  31. You just need a Reseller's License, though some states might call it a retail sales license or something similar. I'm not sure what that cost in Florida, but in Missouri it cost me $7 to get the license.

  32. Their account freezes are common and can kill a business if they require that money to survive. It is a super shitty thing to happen and PayPal would be better if they went out of business. Never happened to me but heard enough both online and my circle to avoid them at all costs

  33. Yup. People seem to forget that PayPal is actually a bank, and it's in their best interest, quite literally, to hold money whenever possible for their investment return. Stripe, by contrast, is not a bank, and in the years I've been using them, they only held money once, and that was a brand new business that made $50,000 in sales in its first week, so they held the funds for 8 days and asked for a couple documents to make sure I was legitimate. Not a big deal, and it hasn't happened again with any other business I've run.

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