1. Mostly IOS 14 is the issue... fb is calculating multiple conversions for the same person, thinking they are two different people...

  2. How accurate do you think the revenue reported in FB is?

  3. Currently, not so acurate... it's a hit or miss for Facebook

  4. Don't you think this explanation is beyond just vague? What you just said is cluttered all over the internet, without any further elaboration on what specifically makes a Headline sound enticing, appealing, interesting.

  5. There are multiple ways to make your ad aniticing, which is the reason this post is a bit generic.

  6. Well written, and this comment has definitely some hard truths to it.

  7. Totally agreed, and that's the end goal, to convert.

  8. I look at metrics as a way for me to know how the ad is performing across various stages.

  9. I agree that the algorithm is way better than it was.

  10. Agreed, you are definitely talking the right move.

  11. Does excluding iOS devices really makes the ads better?

  12. Yup, Facebook doesn't allow that. Maybe give some kind of free offer or value... Like a video on best home workouts, or a free one-month nutrition plan, and then upsell your training and other courses along with it

  13. Umm... Not sure if one free is enough time for anyone to go through the process of getting your stuff... Maybe two weeks?

  14. Does Facebook block/ban for deeplinking? Like making a link to where it opens the YouTube app instead of the website.

  15. I've never tried them... But I know someone that has redirected their ad link to their own app

  16. The strategy you talk about is more effective with high ticket and service based products. In other businesses like ecom, you can use other tactics.

  17. This seems to be a guru advice, but it definitely works... Ecom can also use this but they just have to tweak it according to their market... At the end, its about understanding the customer and their requirements.

  18. Probably a glitch, or counting past ATCs... Plenty of tracking issues after the IOS 14 update

  19. The IOS update has made Facebook change a lot with their current algorithm... Which probably affects everything. So I would suggest that if you've tried everything. Just halt these ads and test again in some time

  20. If you like numbers, but also enjoy the branding side of things... Why don't you go into the creative side of things? Creating good ads, for social media and other platforms. Figuring out how to make people buy something, etc

  21. Creative strategist/Creative Director/Head of Marketing seems perfect for the description... I wouldn't worry much about a mentor, your role would teach you a lot by itself

  22. Just scroll through these platforms and just see what kind of content do people enjoy within these platforms. Then make a different version of it by integrating your products into it, and test those ads

  23. Yes but this has nothing to do with your original post. Obviously branding and customer retention is important. But that has nothing to do with your original post

  24. Your original post was about not selling to cold traffic. It had nothing to do with branding. You can sell to cold traffic & be on brand.

  25. I think I didn't communicate this properly on my original post. My original post was meant to inform people to give value, not sell directly.

  26. I get what you're trying to say... You don't want your ads to mislead people. But think about this, your landing page is not just a purchase page... It is a page where people get more information about you/your product. More information on what the "value for money" is.

  27. This is pretty common, if your ads aren't up to the mark, then this could happen again. I've dm'd you, let me know if you need any help.

  28. You can't create custom audiences without previous data collected on your pixel. So it's not a question of "do they take advantage...", taking advantage of the collected data is the only way to build custom audiences

  29. Too broad of a question, nobody can really help you without looking at your ads and audience targeting. Dm me and I'll see if I have any advice for you after knowing a bit more

  30. Do you mind doing the same for me? would appreciate it a lot

  31. Also, the tactics are always temporary... Once enough people have adopted it, it gets saturated.

  32. I think I've already answered you on some other subreddit... But, Youtube is the way to go, we have clients that sell coaching and it is the no.1 platform to get results. Remember, if you have a new ad account that you will need to spend quite a bit for the first two months to let Google collect a good amount of data, so it can improve their algorithm, and also give you enough room to test various audiences and creatives.

  33. Finally someone that knows how to answer a simple question, I’ll know in the futre not to post in this sub if I have any questions regarding internet ads you were the only one giving me an actual answer thanks

  34. Haha, thank you... Don't be harsh on this subreddit, there are great people here too, but also plenty of new peeps who think being snarky makes them look "smart"... Listen to whose advice makes sense, and ignore the rest. Have a great day and good luck with your ads.

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