1. Also people who have highest scores optimize their machines to get there. Bare bone windows, no background processes, etc. Some of those scores are not real life performance scores

  2. A lot. I on the other hand have 5700xt with i5 4690 :D

  3. I game probably 6h a day on average. I will sometimes use it for work if I need more power than my macbook can deliver. I use my PC(s) for testing various projects (both for work and personal). I don't watch TV so if I'm not working or out I play video games. And according to Steam I run 3D Mark for 23 hours last week :D So yeah other than some heavy renders I am using most of its capabilities.

  4. its just showing graphic card and motherboard in aura creator

  5. are fans there? check available devices tab.

  6. Thanks again. Removed all connectors and replugged all fans. Have a idle temp of 32° and running cinebench multicore at 48°. Motherboard is now recognizing the AIO pump and CPU fan. My guess is I didn’t have everything fully seated. Thanks for the time yesterday.

  7. Glad to hear you have it all sorted out. Enjoy your PC

  8. Not worth the risk of damaging something every time you rebuild your system. And you're not gaining anything either.

  9. I see. So if only when the cooler fails, that's the only time that I can change coolers?

  10. You can change coolers any time of the week if you want. But why would you if you gain nothing?

  11. Have you considered gopro instead of photo camera?

  12. Out of 1L of water? This is suitable for any living critter.

  13. I’ve seen people use plants on it, but I have seen plotters use corals, though I know nothing about them so I could be wrong.

  14. I don't think you could keep any parameters in check with such small volume of water.

  15. All office keyboards and mice (i.e. not marketed towards gamers) use standard AA batteries.

  16. Are you designing the parts or just printing?

  17. How is it any different than any other dispaly? What makes it so great for consoles? If I'm on PS I want to game on big ass screen. :)

  18. Laptop ram and desktop ram have different form factors so it would not fit. Also most laptops only have 2 slots

  19. Both. I3 can run at 2666. H410 can run at 2933 but with i7/9. So any ram faster than that will be down clocked

  20. I don't know how this is new but viruses have been spreading that way since inception of email.

  21. Like add on coolers? What are you even talking about? I need examples..

  22. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y6CY6GL/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FRZ3YVHW4T8TXTNVZ9DP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  23. LOL. That looks like the most useless thing ever. How does it sync with gpu fans? How are you supposed to mount it with other pcie cards in place? So many things wrong with it.

  24. You, I assume are referring to a program? Why?

  25. If you are worried of security why are you using windows? 3rd party programs are much better than windows at copying files especially if encounter an error. Windows just stops and you have no idea which files have been copied or not. I would use total commander for one off copy. And yes hdds fail. So do cds. And ssds. And clouds. Always have more than one backup.

  26. Where else if not mobo would you connect audio devices? It doesn't matter which connectors you use (front or back) they all go through the same circuitry.

  27. Yes you can. It's not ideal and some sticks might work at lower speeds. Place them ABAB

  28. Is this a AIO cpu cooler radiator?

  29. That means 2 sticks at speeds up to 3200Mhz each. Both sticks should be same parameters to work best in dual channel mode. If one is slower the faster one will work as slower speeds to match the slower one, so wasted money here.

  30. No. You can get brand new 1660S based system for about CAD 200 more.

  31. Yeah, but I'm trying to get my way with minimum expending... TBH I wish I could spend only CAD 1000

  32. I understand but it's not worth that much. You could buy ryzen 5600g system for well under 1000 CAD and add GPU in the future,

  33. Would you please recommend one, if you got any in mind. Thank you

  34. You can get two no brand 2x1 $15 switches (one for each monitor) or a 4x2 matrix switch that cost from low $100s to $1000s. Do you need 4k, high refresh rate, low lag, what's the budget, etc. Browse Amazon (or whatever you have where you live) and see what you like. I am unable to give you exact make and model.

  35. Thank you for the information. I am not looking for 4k or high refresh rates. I will look into it. Thank you again.

  36. Then any 4x2 switch should do (or two 2x1). Just see what's available in your budget.

  37. your computer might not have a built in wifi in which case use ethernet or buy pcie or usb wifi adapter

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