1. Sorry for unrelated OS, but I cannot find anything relevant anywhere.

  2. Yes, same as me. Switched to ubuntu... much happier, nvidia working out of the box as well.

  3. That's your BT playing up. The mouse should connect right away. I can't help with specifics but I can share how it should work on F35, both dongle and BT.

  4. Haven't tried the dongle yet, but want to get it to work with bluetooth anyway. Will also try my bluetooth headset later on, I'll probably experience the same problem.

  5. Any tips you have now for courses mate geared towards android?

  6. Not that device but i am using Solaar application with MX3. When i am using usb adapter, it wants me to replug adapter to use. But bluetooth connection were fine

  7. I am trying to setup solaar with fedora 35 and gnome 41, seems to work but don't really understand the rule editor.

  8. Good work guys, did a testdrive a year or so back when I was in full learning fase of Dart. Excellent work done, and good community on discord.

  9. Anyone knows how to get dash to panel to work on gnome 41 ? extension website says 'incompatible'

  10. Anyne knows how to get dash to panel to work on gnome 41? extension manager says 'incompatible'

  11. got it to work by editting the config for the specific VM (like mentioned at the bottom in the docks)

  12. so after getting this to work, you use VNC and you are actually at the console of a machine? I've never considered this. In theory, you should see bios, and all the startup commands from vnc on another machine.

  13. Same problem in poco 5g pro . No fix, reboot helps for a while

  14. I've been able to do this exact thing following this workflow:

  15. This worked perfectly for me, but did you disable the 'virtual gpu' and only use the passtrough gpu? i get both the virtual and passtrough listed with: lshw -C display

  16. you are asking for tools that are famous? You might want to look foor effective tools rather then famous ones.

  17. It does on mine, but for me it isn't that big of a deal.. would love to trade it for a xt3 tho

  18. Dumb fucks think the world revolves around them.

  19. His own, he is hoping for new clients trough this post... All marketing man.

  20. The app on both iOS and Android sucks big time, really disappointed.

  21. “Now I’ve got something to post” is what the guy says. Like is he just that desperate to gain attention with his online buddies in whatever Facebook group he belongs to? This is just silly. “You can’t make this shit up”? What can’t you make up? Seriously what is going on here that is so wrong, and this guy needs to post this video and “get a better picture” of??

  22. Yeah the guy is the idiot in a car himself...

  23. If I could have that in backpack form, I’d pay good money for it. I need something that keeps the camera and 1-2 lenses protected while esk8ing. I don’t usually fall, but it can happen

  24. I have the same (one wheel) want a hard casing for my t30 with 1 extra lens to carry in a backpack without breaking the gear or my bag when I nosedive 😂

  25. Had the same, impossible te resolve, I send close to 100 emails (with replies) and nothing changed, costed me 3 months after I gave up.

  26. As a backpacker working on a cropping farm I got paid 30/hr and a free house in town.. it is not all bad!

  27. Offer him some trash bags and dispose them for him. He probably isn't living there for fun, and wishes himself is he out of there as soon as possible.

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