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  1. So according to the article, these monkeys were just shipped in from their native country. It appears the CDC does not know if these primates carry any diseases. The CDC will quarantine the remaining animals for 31 days to evaluate possible diseases.

  2. how on Earth are they not being quarantined and screened in a facility before being shipped over???: that's what I want to know

  3. right… a more contagious version engineered in a lab the monkeys were coming from… 😂

  4. ENPC about to announce. look at the commons today. give me something meme worthy Paul Ryan

  5. enpc Gettr or Gab DA or pntm Lambo is my only chance at a short-term comeback. not letting go of this dream.

  6. We should create a bot that posts this every two weeks indefinitely.

  7. meetkevin on Monday "why this is the best buying opportunity of your life"

  8. buy Amazon and keep adding every year and forget about it for twenty years.

  9. What app/broker is solid for investing i tried googling but the apps didn’t seem good

  10. I'm not saying this is the bottom lol I have no idea where that is

  11. This is a link of me talking about smallpox and the oral antiviral medication for smallpox and monkeypox made by Siga. Although this topic has been covered in this subreddit a few times, I think that it is due for a wider discourse still.

  12. Don’t forget how the US government is stock piling Small Pox medications. There was a link made a while back to a public trading company that had a large contract to supply to the government. I hope someone here can remember the specifics.

  13. I think only 3 labs in world are allowed to have smallpox at all its so highly regulated. So who is on camera taking it out of one of these 3 places?, and who is on camera placing them at Merek? Dont tell me both of thise places dont have 24/7 cameras in every room and hallway.

  14. it's been known for decades that some samples never made it to where they were supposed to go in Russia. they were sold to terrorists

  15. yet tomorrow we will get 50 new trade rumors for Fox and Haliburton from "reliable" sources. also.... we're not getting anything exciting if we're not trading one of those guys. so, booooo

  16. are you sure? I thought they got rid of the chronological order? I've been following Paul Ryan for a while and checking our shared connections and I thought the Newsmax one was new. I might be wrong here but I saw three connections for a long time and then four. the fourth one was Newsmax. 🤷‍♂️

  17. I absolutely love Haliburton. but who voted no on this???? what? lol you don't want to build around Simmons and Sabonis? y'all crazy

  18. Gettr better hurry up and get out before Truth in February. Guessing both of those can’t last?

  19. yeah I'm thinking the same thing. they need to announce a deal and gain as much traction as possible before Truth launches. between truth, gab, and Gettr I think probably only one can be a long-term winner. the conservative social media thing is odd but I think there can be at least one long term winner. honestly think CFVI Rumble deal one of the best spac deals in a while and will benefit from all of these other conservative social media platforms. wish I loaded up when warrants went back to 2 bucks for a minute

  20. I started cutting BKSY losses today, don't see an end in sight :/ only had a small position though.

  21. Interesting. Very bullish on the company or just think it's oversold? I'll be holding remaining shares through next Rocket lab launch at least in hopes of some recovery.

  22. the only thing below the line are Chamath spac holders and the line where their position average is on the chart

  23. Gettr or Lambo DA tomorrow please spac gods. gettr seems more likely so I'll take it

  24. still invested in $siga in case there is a weaponized smallpox or monkeypox outbreak

  25. The Ai tech might be more profitable as a buy out than the actual business model

  26. if the business model doesnt work out I expect it to get bought out for the tech.

  27. Boston is interesting. maybe potential borderline All-Star some day as best case scenario.

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