1. Yah, and to make it even more frustrating, one of the accounts they refuse to increase the spend limit on is in the same business manager as an account with a $30k a day limit and a million in spend this year.

  2. That’s so weird. When you say they? Do you still have to talk to the bots even at that level of spend?

  3. I wouldn't necessarily consider purchasing BMs from an "Agency" reliable. It's more of a Churn & Burn scheme.

  4. This is what worries me about continuing to build on fb. If I get it all going again, I’m in a great position to scale, but there’s always the risk of it being banned.

  5. A lot of people in Thailand and wearing masks, before going into malls they are taking temperature and they have hand sanitisation stations everywhere.

  6. Mrt and iconsiam both taking temperatures. Most stations have thermo cameras. Hand sanatisation stations everywhere. Almost everyone wearing masks. I got back from there 3 days ago and this is what I experienced.

  7. You will have issues on certain websites on the iPad. It’s seems as a mobile device so you won’t get full desktop version of web pages. Otherwise iPad is fully capable device. No full pc capable but you can probably get 80% there.

  8. If you hold down refresh in safari you can request the desktop site

  9. In Europe? I've never seen one on the British market at least. Although we wouldn't need it because it hardly ever gets below 0 degrees C.

  10. Range rovers from the 80s were the 1st to start using them. Minis with cold weather pack have them and most well specd fords have them. Even my 2011 jag had it. All here in the uk

  11. Great post. Just by chance I was on your site earlier reading about cold emailing

  12. While this is certainly a tragedy I don't understand why Belgium wasn't already on its highest alert, since they did just capture a major terrorist. Maybe they should have taken the side of caution and expected reprisal attacks.

  13. Exactly. The were all patting themselves on their backs a couple of days ago, and now this. It's incredibly reactive.

  14. Guys please don't blame Muslim immigrants for the attack. This was most likely carried out by the children of the last wave of Muslim immigrants. There is nothing to be concerned about this wave unless you are racist.

  15. How long ago was the last wave that you refer to?

  16. Didn't see any info on this already - new 'premium' Grom announced in Thailand, the MSX125SF

  17. I like how they used short models to make the bike look almost normal sized.

  18. Slightly related. But on a much larger scale. Photos are a piece of cake compared to video. I had no idea the costs when I first started. That's why we contract out most of the work but under our project supervision (I run a branding/marketing/pr company who makes commercials and short docu-videos for clients as part of multi-level campaigns).

  19. I'm really interested I what the average hourly rate is and how much an average project costs

  20. we've been having 'wtf is going on' talks with them for a few weeks now. so im curious as to what the end verdict will be. Don't get me wrong, they're VERY responsive and friendly, and do work. i just dont think it's contributing the way we thought it would

  21. Perhaps pull them back to one site until they prove themselves. But tbh I get this a lot, when link building sites almost always drop a little before normally moving up. Just make sure they vary their anchors etc and all will most likely be fine.

  22. These batteries might be the best thing for their bottom line and help negate unreliable renewables but they're not the future.

  23. Looks simple, light weight and is expensive. Any reason I should use this over base?

  24. Recently been joining more and more private groups on Facebook. The content has been amazing.

  25. Fantastic points. We are using auto bids for conversions though and it's working well for us.

  26. The left are not progressive. Them using the word is just clever marketing.

  27. I am really getting into these. Damn it's beautiful.

  28. Honestly I prefer the blue version, the fake ageing puts me off the red.

  29. Love the bike. Are those special headlights or stock? They look more squished than normal?

  30. Maybe your competitors have special offers on, or have been working on their own conversions. Or it's just because it's March. How are conversions vs last March?

  31. I agree it looks very alien and a nice alternative to the usual diver or dress watches we see in this sub. Congrats

  32. The more I see this watch, the more I love it and want one. Congrats!

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